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Latest statistics of study abroad expenses in the UK in 2021

shine live limited reports:

The British website save the students (STS) investigated the living expenses of British college students in 2021.

The platform investigated the living expenses of more than 2000 students from different colleges and universities and their whereabouts.

The survey shows that the average living cost of students is about 810 pounds per month (or 187 pounds per week), and the living loans applied for by students are often far from enough to cover their living expenses.

STS’s survey items are carefully divided, covering: housing, catering, travel, dressing, teaching materials, mobile phone bills, medical health, human gifts, etc.

Living expenses of studying in the UK



hotel expense

Accommodation expenses can be said to be the largest part of the living expenses of studying abroad in the UK. It is estimated that:

Non London £ 350 – £ 600 per month

London area £ 600 – £ 1000 per month

There are three main accommodation options for studying in the UK: accommodation, renting and host family. The first two are more accommodation options for foreign students.

The price difference of renting your own house is larger according to different regions, but the rent in London is usually about 1000 pounds / month, and the surrounding areas will be slightly cheaper.


Catering expenses

If you choose catered school dormitories, you basically don’t have to worry about food, but if you choose self catered or rent your own house, you can only cook by yourself or eat out;

If you cook by yourself, the cost of buying ingredients is about 150 pounds to 200 pounds per month. Eating outside is more expensive, about 500 pounds per month.


traffic expense

The cost of transportation mainly depends on the distance between school and residence and everyone’s travel frequency. If the apartment is near the school, walking is OK.

Most students will take bus. Take London as an example. The urban area of London bus is 1-6 zones. The more zones they cross, the more expensive the transportation cost. The single-person one-way cost is £ 1.5, and the monthly bus cost is £ 120.

In addition, we need to remind you that cash is not accepted on London buses, so you need to buy oyster card (rechargeable) or use contactless card after you arrive in London.


other expenses

In addition to the above three living expenses, we also need to pay for other daily necessities during our study in the UK, such as daily necessities, clothing and so on.

In addition, there are travel expenses, entertainment expenses and other leisure related expenses, which are not counted, mainly according to personal living habits.

Study abroad expenses in various regions of the UK

As for the cost of studying in the UK, there will be great differences in the corresponding consumption level and living expenses when going to different parts of the UK and choosing different British universities.

01 cost of living in London:

About £ 13000-15000 / year

As the capital of Britain, London’s consumption level has always been the highest in Britain. London has many institutions of higher learning and has become a pilgrimage place for many students. It gives many people the initial longing for British style.

02 non London living expenses:

About £ 10000-13000 / year


Birmingham area

The number of universities in Birmingham is also well known. BPP University Birmingham campus is located in the bustling business center of Birmingham – Comore business and Law District, adjacent to several trunk railway stations and connected to many other transportation lines.

The cost of living in Birmingham is about 1000 pounds per month, and off campus accommodation is generally about 80 pounds per week.


Manchester area

Manchester is an industrial city with the highest level of economic development in the UK. As a booming business center, 65 of the fortune 100 companies are located in Manchester, including the household name Google.

The cost of living in the Manchester area is about 1000 pounds per month; The monthly accommodation cost is about £ 320-500.


Bristol region

Bristol is the largest city in the southwest of the UK. Many domestic companies are headquartered here, including Osborne Clarke and Simmons & Simmons. BPP University Bristol campus is located in the historic Queen’s Square.

The cost of living in Bristol is about 1000 pounds a month. The cost of a year’s private residence is about £ 3380 to £ 4420.


Cambridge area

Cambridge is the capital of Cambridge County and the seat of Cambridge University. BPP University Cambridge campus is located in the center of Cambridge, only 2 minutes’ walk from the central bus station.

The minimum expenditure (excluding tuition and college fees) required for a year at Cambridge is estimated to be about £ 9400.