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The Age of Automation: Are your kids ready?

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Work gives us a sense of self-worth. For hundreds of years, people’s last names had nothing to do with their occupation. If we go back to England, Smith was used as a blacksmith, Miller was used as a grain-mill operator, Weaver was used as a garment maker. The children carry on the tradition and carry on the family tradition.
Now, our surnames no longer come from the work we do, but what is still crucial to our identity is the work we do. With the rise of automation, that identity is in jeopardy. People are afraid not only of losing their jobs and wages, but also of losing their sense of purpose.
According to the World Economic Forum’s Jobs Outlook 2020 report:
By 2025, 85 million people will be replaced by machines or algorithms
By 2025, humans and machines will be doing the same amount of work

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

Eighty-three percent plan to accelerate the pace of automation
Companies are starting to move a lot of work from humans to machines:
Unpredictability is key
Machines can easily replace humans in many jobs. However, one factor that makes humans superior to machines is unpredictability.
These jobs present many unpredictable factors, unfamiliar conditions, complex and ambiguous data — humans are always just a step for robots or machines. So the best way to survive in the age of automation is to become familiar with unpredictability.
Prepare your children for the real world
With advances in technology and the rise of virtual worlds, innate abilities to deal with real-world problems are becoming less and less common.
In addition to learning technical skills, if you want to prepare your children for the future and increase their employment chances, you have to make sure they spend a lot of time unplugged from electronic devices and find themselves in unfamiliar, chaotic, real life situations.
There is a strong need to experience the physical and real world around us, eliminating digital filters. As ARTIFICIAL intelligence enters our real world, it determines how we learn and interact. This reduces our skill level for dealing with things that we don’t have data for the AI to use.
There are limits to virtual experiences. After a certain point, people have to go out into the real world and have real, face-to-face connections. This innate ability is not something artificial intelligence can defeat us.

Involving kids in Automation 

We live in a technology-dominant era. Kids are very familiar with technology and automation as they’re always surrounded by smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Kids exposed to technology in their early years will have a better go at working with it in the coming future.

It is important for parents and responsible caretakers to help kids identify their interests in STEM and cultivate them. This is the way to create leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.