Mother and child should encourage each other

As good as other people’s children,good and learning

How you wish for the approval of your nearest and dearest,

But what about me?

Mother and child should encourage each other

I want my mother’s approval, too.

I want to be sensible, too.

As good as other people’s children, learning and good.

Without my mother’s approval,

Always standing there waiting for her mother to turn around and hug herself.

Mom, can you compliment me?

I’m dying to hear you say:

“Mom used to get mad at you. It was mom.

Sorry to make you sad.

Mom loves you so much!

You are my mother’s best child and my mother’s pride.”

Your anxiety and some negative emotions have reached my heart.

I don’t know what to do with it,

I don’t know how to digest it.

I feel so useless, so bad.

Mom, I don’t hate you,

I love you so much.

Because you’re also a first-time mother.

In this life, can be your child, I am very happy.

I learn something new at school every day.

Learn over and over again when you encounter difficult problems you cannot solve.

I was my mother’s “problem,”

Mom, can you teach me more patiently?

We continue to learn from each other and complement each other.

Now, in my ivory tower,

It’s the best way I can think of.

Think of a little poem:

The water of the waterfall runs upstream,

Dandelion seeds wafted back from afar,

In the shape of an umbrella.

The sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

The bullet returns to the gun, the athlete returns to the starting line,

I handed in my admission notice and forgot about the ten-year cold window.

The smell of food wafted from the kitchen,

You sign my paper,

Turn off the TV and give me a hand with my bag.

You’re still here with me.

Mom, you raised me,

I accompany you to grow old slowly.

The road in the future, you have me, we accompany.

The love of mother and child lasts forever.

Mom, don’t get mad at me.

Small cotton-padded jacket will work hard to grow into my mother’s bulletproof vest.

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