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Imperial College Open 2022 autumn project application

shine trader live reports:

As the school with the highest starting salary for graduates in Britain, Imperial College of technology attracts applications from countless students every year. In engineering, medicine and other fields, Imperial College of technology has the world’s top scientific research level. It is known as the world’s four major colleges of technology together with MIT, California Institute of technology and Zurich Federal Institute of technology.

At present, Imperial College of technology has four departments: engineering school, natural science school, medical school and business school, and provides undergraduate and graduate education. The total number of students in the school exceeds 17000, of which about one quarter are international students.

Although Imperial College is one of the universities with the highest admission standards in the UK, the elimination rate of each academic year is still very high. It is also one of the most stringent universities in the UK. Today, the Department of electronic and electrical engineering of Imperial College introduced by sister big fish is also one of the most competitive projects.

Introduction to the Department of electronic and electrical engineering of imperial Technology

In the QS global discipline ranking in 2021, the Department of electronic and electrical engineering of imperial college ranked 9th in the world and 3rd in the UK. The project covers a wide range of contents, including circuit design, communication system, semiconductor materials, etc. it will be mainly divided into the following five discipline directions:

Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Applied Machine Learning

Communications and Signal Processing

Control and Optimisation

Future Power Networks

It is reported that the major of electronic and electrical engineering of Imperial College of technology begins to accept applications every October, and about 160 master’s students will eventually be admitted. For Chinese applicants, the admission requirements for the major of electronic and electrical engineering of Imperial College of technology are different:

If you study in a Chinese University, we only consider applicants from 985 or 211 universities, and the average score in school needs to be more than 85 points.

If you are studying in the 2 + 2 program of Chinese and British institutions, such as the joint degree of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications / Queen Mary University in London, in the first two years of study, your average score of Chinese institutions needs to reach more than 85 points, and you also need a first-class degree from a British university, and your score in the last year should be more than 75 points.

Next, sister big fish will give you a detailed introduction to the five major directions of the Department of electronic and electrical engineering of Imperial College of Technology:

The master of Science in analog and digital integrated circuit design program of Imperial College of technology aims to deepen students’ understanding of analog circuits, mixed signal circuits and digital circuits, and is committed to training students to become future integrated circuit designers.

It is understood that in the process of learning in school, students have the opportunity to be exposed to practical topics of device level design and system level performance requirements, and also cover many hot topics, including digital system design using modern programming language, embedded system and its operating system, high-performance system design based on GPU and FPGA, etc.

Students in the master of applied machine learning program focus on applying machine learning to electrical engineering, including robotics, computer vision, bionic learning, communication and signal processing.

Through this project, students can learn the theoretical basis of machine learning system, the design methods and algorithms of modeling real system, including the design, modeling, analysis and control of intelligent signal and data processing, develop advanced mechanical knowledge and engineering in-depth learning, and obtain the skills to continue to study for a doctorate.