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Into Newcastle University Center Launches New Engineering

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Into Newcastle University Center launched a new international freshman course in engineering to fill the gap in the previous engineering courses.

Founded in 1834, Newcastle University is located in the center of Newcastle, the capital of northeast England. Newcastle has convenient transportation. In addition to the International Airport, trains and subways extend in all directions. Newcastle University is the core member of the famous Russell University Alliance. It is one of the top 1% famous universities in the world. It has long been rated as one of the top 20 universities in Britain.

The school of engineering of Newcastle University has a long history in teaching and has been widely recognized by all sectors of society, including external rating agencies, students and parents. High standard teaching and good student experience have received positive feedback from students and parents for a long time.

The international freshman program of the school of engineering of the University of Newcastle provides students with the opportunity to eventually obtain an honorary master’s degree in Engineering (men with Honours in engineering, UCAS code H104). This program focuses on civil, electrical and electronic and mechanical engineering and aims to help students master various skills related to industry needs and today’s global challenges, So that students can successfully upgrade to the learning direction related to engineering and enter the workplace. The course content is designed and planned by industry experts to provide students with a solid foundation and a wide range of engineering education.

Requirements for promotion: EAP 65, academic achievement above 40% (40% for each individual item)

The international freshman course of the school of engineering of Newcastle University will start in September 2022 (the option of starting in January is not provided temporarily). At present, standard courses of 3 semesters are provided; From June 2023, students can choose to extend the course for 4 semesters.