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Study abroad: the financial industry also has a contempt chain

shine trader limited reports:

Finance is a hot pastry in the study abroad circle, just like the wolf of Wall Street. After graduation, the career is bright and promising, and there is a sense of mastery that I play tricks on the world.

Shenyou bacteria doesn’t know whether it can achieve this goal, but it is difficult to get through this road after graduation. For example, the financial industry can’t avoid disdaining the chain. Whoever despises the chain at the front end can take a step faster, step by step, and in the long run, the gap will widen. Therefore, when studying abroad and choosing a financial college / major, you must be careful. Come and have a look directly for reference only~

First tier universities in the world: HyPM, Niu Jian and California Institute of Technology (relatively small popularity).

Top 1.5 universities in the world: University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Berkeley, California, and Federal Institute of Technology Zurich.

Global second tier Universities: Columbia University, Cornell University, Brown University, Dartmouth College and other remaining Ivy League universities, Imperial College, LSE, LBS, HEC, UCL (it is estimated that it is controversial and belongs to the weakest G5 in the UK), CMU (only computer majors count as second tier, not others).

The world’s third and fourth tier Universities: the top two in Singapore, the top three in Australia, the top three in Canada, the top three in Japan, the top 50 in Europe and America, and the top two in other countries.