Mother and child should encourage each other

Mom, don’t be angry with me

Mom, you’re mad at me again.

His face was terrible, and his eyes were like brass bells,

Poke my head with your hand and shout at me.

Mother and child should encourage each other

But you just called Aunt Mei very gently.

Mom, the one you’re wearing,

There was a black tiger T-shirt with a gaping mouth on the chest.

I think it’s very similar to what you look like now.

At the top of his voice.

I was so scared,

The body trembled uncontrollably.

I touched my belly button,

That’s where my mother used to be.

Mom, I met you when you were only 24.

My life is from opening my eyes,

I saw the beginning of your smile.

I guess when mom saw me,

Must have been the most beautiful time of her life.

It’s just that I must have been crying a lot,

Forgot to look at mom at her best.

Listen to daddy, it’s not easy for you to have me,

Two bars finally appear, you happy joy caper;

When I was in your belly,

All you want is for me to be born healthy and safe;

Throughout her lactation the whole family became less vocal,

Lest it disturb my sleep;

When I was born,

You clumsily hold me who love to cry helplessly.

You held me in your arms in frustration, crying me to sleep,

Sit on the bed and dare not move.

A soft lump in her arms,

Lest I should be pressed and squeezed.

I can go, I can talk,

Mom and Dad, you’re as happy as if you’ve won a Nobel Prize:

Our baby is so wonderful and clever;

Mom at that time, really like an angel,

Nourish me with love.

I’m so happy.

But since when,

Mom, what about you?

Seems to have lost patience with me,

No more affirmation from mom.

You become hurried, irritable, and irritable.

Did it start when I went to school?

When it’s time to do homework, that’s my nightmare.

My world is a dark place,

There is no color.

Mom, I’m not a pig.

I began to feel inferior.

Cowardly, timid and inactive.

Dare not raise your hand in class, dare not express their opinions.

The world is a beautiful place,

But I’m not happy.

Mom, can’t you go back?

Between us, really can’t start again?

Mom, when you were a kid, could you do all the problems?

Can’t do when, by roar roar, the brain can open light?

I know you have to work every day, very tired.

You have toiled day and night for our family,

This is not easy.

Your sufferings, your weariness, your grievances,

Others do not understand, Lin Lin.

Other people think you can poison not invade, invulnerability.

But you’re not a robot.

You, too, are one.

Flesh and blood, sad and sad,

While there is temper, there is sickness and pain.

How you wish for the approval of your nearest and dearest,

But what about me?

I want my mother’s approval, too.

I want to be sensible, too.

As good as other people’s children, learning and good.

Without my mother’s approval,

Always standing there waiting for her mother to turn around and hug herself.

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