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2022 times discipline ranking

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The times higher education has updated the 2022 discipline ranking!

The latest discipline ranking covers ten disciplines such as business and economics, pedagogy, law, social sciences, computer science, engineering, clinical and health science, life science, physical science and Psychology (Humanities and art have not yet released the 2022 ranking).

The world university ranking reflects the comprehensive competitiveness of colleges and universities in the world, while the discipline ranking focuses more on the global influence of specific disciplines and majors, which has high reference value for studying abroad and choosing majors.

As the “top class” in British colleges and universities, Oxford and Cambridge, who have loved each other for hundreds of years, have been chasing each other in the rankings.

Then, according to the latest 2022the discipline ranking list, who has a more proud record of Oxford vs Cambridge?

Xiao Bian counted carefully. In the ranking of the top ten disciplines in 2022, Cambridge successfully won the first place in the UK with 6 university disciplines, while Oxford performed slightly worse, with 4 university disciplines ranking first in the UK.

Cambridge is the first discipline in the UK: business and economics, law, engineering, life science, physical science and psychology.

Oxford is the first discipline in the UK: pedagogy, social sciences, computer science, clinical and health.

So, what standards do you need to meet to enter these top majors of Niu Jian?

The following is a detailed inventory of the most popular disciplines such as business and economics, law, engineering, physical science, computer science, clinical and health science!

Business and economy

Business has always been one of the most popular choices for studying in the UK. Business and economics include accounting, finance, business management, economics and econometrics.

Cambridge ranks third in the world in business and economy and first in the UK; Oxford ranks 4th in the world and 2nd in the UK.

Cambridge Economics undergraduate application



Entrance examination: ecaa

Application ratio in 2020: 8:1

Oxford Bachelor of economics and management



Entrance examination: TSA

2018-20 admission rate: 6%


Law is also one of the strong professions in Britain.

Cambridge Law ranks second in the world and first in the UK; Oxford law ranks fourth in the world and second in Britain; UCL also performed well, ranking sixth in the world and third in the UK.

Cambridge Law Undergraduate Application



Entrance examination: Cambridge law examination

2020 application ratio: 6:1

Oxford law undergraduate application



Entrance examination: lnat

2018-20 admission rate: 13%


Engineering includes the following sub disciplines: general engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, civil engineering and chemical engineering.

Cambridge ranks fifth in the world and first in the UK in the field of engineering; Oxford ranks sixth in the world and second in Britain.

Cambridge engineering undergraduate application



Entrance examination: engaa

2020 application ratio: 7:1

Oxford Engineering Undergraduate Application



Entrance examination: Pat

2018-20 admission rate: 16%

Physical science

Physical science includes the following sub disciplines: Mathematics and statistics, physics and astronomy, chemistry, geology, environmental science, earth and marine science.

Cambridge ranks 7th in the world and 1st in the UK in the field of physical science; Oxford ranks 8th in the world and 2nd in the UK

Cambridge natural science undergraduate application

Cambridge’s natural sciences offers a wide range of physical and Biological Sciences subjects in 16 departments to help students discover the internal links between various scientific subjects and understand different scientific methods.

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