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Meiben applied for the countdown early

shine trader limited reports:

In 2022, Zaoshen has fully opened. The deadline for many colleges and universities is November. Entering October, it is less than half a month from the deadline! There is a saying in meiben circle: there are tens of millions of new students, and early application accounts for half. We know that early application has always been the “number one position” for American universities to rob students.

Admission rate of early application and regular application of 8 Fuji schools in 2021

After comparison, it is found that the early application admission rate is about four times that of the conventional admission rate

Although the early application admission rate of famous American schools is also getting lower and lower, compared with the conventional application stage, early application is still the best solution to win the offer of famous schools. 4 times the admission gap, what is the reason not to seize the opportunity of “early application”?

The more common application combinations of meiben include:

EA + ED1 + Rd (if the application materials are complete early, seize the opportunity of ED1);

EA + ED2 + Rd (the standardization is not ideal for the time being, but other backgrounds are matched, ED2 with better time can be used);

EA + Rd (if there is no clear dream school and you don’t want to be bound, and you have a good background in all aspects, try EA boldly).

The more you learn, the more you have to take the exam!

In the face of all kinds of materials that need to be provided for early application, whether to submit act / SAT scores can be said to be the most difficult for most students to judge. But! The more you learn, the more you have to take the exam!

Although more than 1700 American colleges and universities still maintain the “test Optional Policy” this year, they are not forced to submit act / SAT scores. However, in the 20-21 application season, 43% of applicants still submitted standardized results.

Moreover, the American university application system common app found that when applying for a more selective University, applicants are more likely to submit standardized scores. This means that, as a reference factor, the better the standardized score, the higher the probability of being admitted.

Of course, it is not mandatory to submit standardized results, which means that the school will pay more attention to the applicant’s other application materials and the applicant itself. At this time, school performance, CV, PS, letters of recommendation and other supplementary materials become more important.

October plan list and important date reminder

October 2

SAT test;

October 8-9

Act test;

October 15

Niujian UCAS application deadline;

UNC North Carolina EA application deadline;

October 25

In 2022, the mainland test center of AP test will stop accepting candidates’ personal information.

October 25

Complete early application documents, fill in application forms, transcripts, letters of recommendation, InitialView, third-party interview, TOEFL / SAT scores, etc

☞ before November 1

Submit all early application (ED / rea / EA) materials

Students can locate themselves through the study abroad positioning system / / school. Liuxue315. CN / studyassess? Ozs = 96341-2709, and enter your average major and language scores. The system will automatically match the cases of your classmates in the database. You can see which schools / majors they have applied to, and have a general positioning in combination with their own situation.