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Competition of advantages between the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada

shine trader live reports:

01 USA

As the first choice in the study circle, you have all the academic development directions you want, which can be called a professional kaleidoscope. There are many kinds of colleges and universities, some of which are strong Lvy and some of which are poor. However, going to the United States can also polarize personal ability. Some people spend more than 1 million and can’t stay. Some find that their income is similar to that of domestic graduates after returning home, Some people can get mixed up. Let’s analyze, who are suitable for going to the United States?

Suitable conditions:

1 Xueba / social coffee: the goal of this kind of people is American famous universities. The teaching quality of American universities is the best in the world. Most of the top 50 world famous universities are American universities. Therefore, assuming that you have good grades and rich social activities, you are welcome to the United States. Lvy and other famous university alliances welcome you.

2. There are mines at home and the mounting of flowers is slightly weak: such people don’t care whether the university is good or bad. As long as they can study in the United States, they can do it all at home after graduation. After graduation, they go home to inherit their family business. There is no pressure at all. The living standard in the United States is relatively high, the pace of life is not fast or slow, and it is a paradise for the rich.

Not recommended:

1 just want to go to the United States: there are many such people. They just want to go to the United States when they go abroad. It doesn’t matter whether they are in school or major, but their family is not particularly rich. They spent more than one million years studying and returned home… Then… No, then

2. The family conditions are acceptable and the flowers are mounted in general: I came to the United States to study accounting or some other major. I went to an ordinary school. As a result, I was good for nothing after graduation.

3. The specialty is clear, but the wrong country is selected: some people want to learn pure art, such as animation and other specialties with characteristics, and also choose the United States. It’s really a little embarrassing. Animation Japan is strong. Isn’t it fragrant to study in neon?

02 UK

Different from the high welfare in Europe, although the tuition fees are cheaper than those in the United States, the Daiying Empire has always been arrogant, the tuition fees are also 300000-400000 / year, and the phenomenon of xenophobia is serious.

Suitable for going

1. You have a solid family background, excellent grades and a cheerful personality. Because you need to make more efforts to integrate into British society, being cheerful is a more important one. You have excellent grades. Because the requirements of IELTS in Britain are generally high, it’s no fun to go if you don’t get good grades. You have a solid family background. Just mentioned that the cost of a year is relatively expensive and the cost of living is also relatively high, So the pressure of not having a solid family background is relatively large.

2. Those with rich families: similarly, in the United States, as long as you don’t need money, you can go everywhere. After graduation, you can arrange everything at home. Britain is definitely a good place for you to enjoy your study and life.

Not recommended:

My English is not good, my family background is average, and the cost performance is not high at all. I have to return home after graduation, especially after reading shuishuo, spending hundreds of thousands to buy a one-year experience card, and then start from scratch when I return home.

The British policy is very strict. Unless you read that there may be hope for a doctor, you don’t have to think about it.

03 Australia

Although tu’ao has always been BISS by Britain and the United States, the prospect of studying abroad is still good, because there are too many Chinese in Sydney. Australia has many advantages: comfortable climate, developed economy and education, far away from war. Another advantage is that it can immigrate after graduation, which is very attractive~

Suitable conditions:

Learning is slightly poor, but English is good, and the family background is fairly thick: Australia has no clear requirements for the college entrance examination. The main requirement is IELTS scores. The key is that the requirements for IELTS scores are lower than those in the UK. The cost of a year is now 250000-300000, so we need to have a certain family background.

2. Going for immigrants: not to mention that there are quite a lot of such people. Now the attraction of immigrants is becoming stronger and stronger for the younger generation. If you go for immigrants, Australia is very suitable for you.

Not recommended:

I want to go abroad, but my family background is general: to tell you the truth, the gold content of Australian diploma is not too high, which means that there will not be much difference between those who graduate from Australia and those who graduate from domestic universities. The money is not worth it.

2 mounting flowers is very good: it means that you can apply for Lvy, so going to Australia is a bit of a waste of results. The United States and Britain are more suitable for you.

04 Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with a large territory, but its population is only more than 40 million, so it’s more comfortable. Now more and more people choose to study here, which also makes Chinese people familiar with this country.