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A 15-year-old Spanish boy is addicted to games and admitted to the hospital for treatment

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According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 16th, Jaime I University of Spain who participated in the study stated that a Spanish teenager was admitted to the hospital for two months of treatment due to an addiction to the online game “Fortress Night”. This is in the professional literature. The first recorded example.

  According to reports, an article published in the professional journal “Psychology of Children and Adolescents” stated that the 15-year-old was sent off for “severe addiction to the video game “Fortnite” and required complete hospitalization.” He was admitted to the hospital for treatment for two months.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

The Press Office of Jaime I University explained: “This is the first case in the world of a teenager who needs to be hospitalized due to addiction to the “Fortnite” video game. The researchers of this group did not find any previous cases in the main research database. Excerpts that have been published.”

  The author of the article describes the following symptoms of the disorder: the addicted patient does not go out; avoids communication; refuses to contact medical services; is not interested in what is happening around him; shows great randomness in taste; he has limited activities; he has sleep Obstacles; he doesn’t care about personal hygiene. He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, social anxiety disorder and complex sadness disorder due to the loss of his mother.

  According to reports, the teenager had performed very well in school before, but at some point he started skipping classes and was unable to keep up with classes. The treatment of the patient includes restricting the use of electronic devices, participating in social activities, establishing certain behavior patterns, and psychological counseling with him and his family members, as well as the use of antidepressant medications.

  According to the article, the results show that patients spend significantly less time playing games and improve personal and social performance.

  The author of the article suggests that hospitalization is the most effective method in this severe situation. They also recommend controlling the use of computers and mobile phones by minors as preventive measures.