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2021 US university entrance examination results released

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In 2021, the American college entrance examination (ACT) test report was released. About 1.3 million high school graduates in the United States participated, with an average comprehensive score of 20.3 (out of 36), lower than 20.6 of the graduating class in 2020. Asian students took the lead in the four subjects of English, reading, mathematics and science and their comprehensive scores. The average number of candidates in California was 26.1, ranking fifth in the country.

According to the analysis report of act Committee, in the graduating class in 2021, 25% of the candidates reached the bottom line of four subjects (English, reading, mathematics and Science) of act university preparatory courses, and 36% of the candidates reached the bottom line of three subjects. However, 38% of the candidates failed to meet the benchmark, an increase of one percentage point over last year.

Similar to the test results of previous years, Asian students ranked first with a comprehensive score of 24.9, followed by whites 21.7, Latinos 18.3 and Africans 16.3. In addition, Asian students also ranked first in English, reading, mathematics and science, as well as stem projects representing science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The comprehensive score of California candidates is 26.1, ranking fifth in the country after Massachusetts (27.6), Connecticut (27.2), New Hampshire (26.6) and New York (26.3). However, this year, the University of California (University of California) enrollment canceled the act test results, so the good results of California candidates have not been fully utilized.

Affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the average scores of English, mathematics, reading and comprehensive performance of the 2021 graduating class students dropped by 0.3 points, and their scientific achievements dropped by 0.2 points. The proportion of students who met the baseline of all four subjects decreased from 26% to 25%, while the proportion of students who did not meet the baseline increased by 1 percentage point, from 37% to 38%.

The act university preparation baseline is the lowest act score that predicts whether candidates can successfully complete freshman courses after entering the University. Research shows that students who meet the act benchmark are about 50% more likely to get a B or better and 75% more likely to get a C or higher in the corresponding college courses.

Therefore, act score is an important reference for universities, especially famous universities, to admit new students. Universities use act test scores to determine enrollment and curriculum, and provide advice to students throughout the registration process. Information such as act test scores, high school scores, academic preparation, extracurricular activities and future plans can help admissions officials select applicants who can best benefit from the school’s courses.