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UK study abroad institutions apply for fee increase

shine trader live reports:

Many British colleges and universities have opened application channels. Careful partners must have found that the application fees of some British colleges and universities have increased again!

British institutions usually adopt a rolling system, which requires applicants to submit complete information at the first time when they open their applications, and what they need to pay together with the information is the rising application fee. Today, the application fees of some universities in the UK are calculated as follows:


The general master’s application fee is £ 75;

The application fee for MSc Financial Economics is £ 100;

The application fee for an MBA is £ 150.

University of Cambridge

This year, the application fee for most master’s majors in the university has risen to £ 75;

Master of Finance (MFin) application fee is £ 120;

The master of accounting (MAcc) application fee is £ 150.

University College London

The standard fee for most professional online applications is £ 90 and the standard fee for written applications is £ 115;

The application fee for Finance MSc is £ 160;

The Management MSc application fee is £ 160.

The application fee for all Stade School of fine art programs is £ 60

Imperial Technology

The regular professional application fee is £ 80;

The MBA major has increased by £ 10 compared with last year, and the application fee this year is £ 135.

University of Edinburgh

Compared with last year, the application fee of the school’s business school has increased to £ 60; Other professional application fees have not been known whether to rise.

King’s College London

The application fee for each major ranges from 70-100 pounds. Most business masters of the university need applicants to pay an application fee of 100 pounds, but the specific majors are subject to the actual fees notified by the University.

Warwick University

The application fee for the master’s program is £ 60.

University of Nottingham

The application fee for graduate students majoring in finance increased to £ 50.

University of Southampton

From the 21st application season, Nan’an began to charge an application fee of £ 50 for all master’s majors.