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How did the government program rise and shine a new light on India’s education system

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India is seen as the world’s next growth engine, one of the world’s youngest countries awaiting its demographic dividend. Almost all commentators agree that, given the right platform and opportunity, India could strike a gold mine in human resources.
Growth and innovation need a good atmosphere. Without skills and education, the path to development is surely incomplete to realize the vast potential of China’s 1.3 billion people and its increasingly powerful population.

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In the decade after India’s independence, there was substantial investment in higher education institutions.
These revolutionary measures by the education sector point to a bright future for the country and its students.
While the changes at the policy level are in the right direction, there are still small hiccups along the way to increasing access to quality education for everyone.
Challenge: Lack of infrastructure
One of the biggest challenges is the lack of infrastructure development and quality of education in many of the country’s public and private higher education institutions.

Many times we see comments on our website from students complaining about the poor quality of the infrastructure at their respective universities.
Challenge: Increasing access and yurts
Another challenge plaguing the industry is the low gross enrollment rate of students in higher education institutions. This problem remains an obstacle due to geographical constraints, social and psychological barriers and financial constraints.
Solution: Develop education quality with equipment
Universities and colleges can steer education in the right direction by partnering with another Indian government initiative, Equipping (Education Quality Upgrading and Inclusion).