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Changes in the master of Finance program at Durham University School of business

shine trader limited reports:

Durham University, founded in 1832, is one of the oldest universities in Britain and a member of Russell university group. The school is divided into two campuses, namely Durham City Campus and queen campus. Durham University is a collegiate university (the only other two collegiate universities in Britain are Oxford University and Cambridge University), which is divided into 16 colleges. The times of Durham University described: “for a long time, as the best choice outside Oxford University and Cambridge University, Durham University has attracted” a large number of students from middle class and wealthier families “. Many disciplines of the University enjoy a high social reputation. She has adopted interdisciplinary methods for teaching and research and achieved good results.

The master of Finance program of Durham University Business School has changed. The following four PGT finance courses are now open for application:

MSc Finance (Accounting and Finance)

MSc Finance (Economics and Finance)

MSc Finance (Finance and Investment)

MSc Finance (Financial Technology and Banking)

Please note that the following courses are no longer available:

MSc Finance (Corporate and International Finance)

MSc Finance (International Money, Finance and Investment)

In addition to the previous two data science courses, there are four new open applications for data science courses in 2022 / 23. Details are as follows:

Master of Data Science

Master of Data Science (Digital Humanities)

Master of Data Science (Health)

Master of Data Science (Social Analytics)

Master of Data Science (Bioinformatics and Biological Modelling)

Master of Data Science (Earth and Environment)

Please note that the TESOL graduate program at Durham University will continue to be open in cycle 2022 / 23.