The great women who won the Nobel Prize

Understanding is the guide to achieving self-worth

Every child is a treasure and needs to be placed in its proper place to have a chance to shine.

The great women who won the Nobel Prize

Only respect his curiosity, can follow the child’s temperament to become what he should be.

Understanding is the guide to self-achievement

Giordano Bruno, the Italian philosopher, said:

“One of the great things about intelligence is that it takes only a little bit of seeing or hearing to think for a long time and understand more.”

To understand yourself correctly is the guide to living your true self.

In the movie no Questions Asked, Wu linglan often failed her major in physical chemistry after entering school, while she always got full marks for her minor subjects in Chinese and foreign languages.

He was at a loss as to what he could do, what he would do or what he would do.

The teacher asked him, “Why didn’t you study liberal arts at the beginning? Why did you choose to study science instead?”

His answer was simple, “Because the best students do practical subjects.”

Whatever the mainstream is, he goes with it.

Whether it suits me or not, I never thought about it.

As a result, I became obsessed with “who Am I?” and wondered what kind of development path was most suitable for me and what kind of development path was most loyal to my heart.

After listening to Tagore’s speech in the synagogue, he finally understood what “the truth of the self” was.

The same is true of children’s growth.

Zhao Ting, the first Chinese female director to win the Golden Lion for best Film, is also the stepdaughter of Song Dandan.

In many people’s eyes, she is very personality, thoughtful and confident.

Overseas schools are chosen by themselves, the director’s work is what I like, doing anything is particularly independent.

As she says, “My parents were funny. They never stopped asking me to be who I really was.”

Only when you have a correct understanding of yourself, can you obey your heart, live out yourself and become your ideal self.

Some kids, who seem to be trying very hard, always fail, fail to reach their goals and fail to complete their tasks.

It has to do with a low level of self-understanding, which is always based on external expectations and labels.Such as:

Girls do not need such a high degree, after graduation to take an examination of a civil servant or teacher is the best choice;

Boys have to work hard, to find a higher salary of the job, must not lose to girls…

Not knowing enough about yourself, not knowing what you can do and what you can do. “Wanting to be yourself” is just an empty word.

The best love for a child is to help him see himself and thus the world.

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