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Why do children choose small schools when they first arrive in Britain

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For example, the enrollment application of Westminster School in 2022 has been closed. The entrance examination for overseas students is scheduled from November 5 to 7, while the interview is scheduled for November 27, and students and parents are required to come to the school for interview in person. Although affected by the epidemic, some schools, such as the ragby public society, choose to let overseas students participate in online examinations and interviews, the sister suggested that parents and students should preferably come to the school in person, even if they negotiate with the school to delay the interview time.

Because only in this way can parents personally understand whether the school can give our children more careful and comprehensive care and training. Children leave us when they are young. As parents, they not only care about their children’s learning progress, but also pay more attention to their physical and mental growth.

What is the classroom atmosphere of the school? Can teachers take care of each student’s problems and learning? Campus environment and hardware facilities? Can we provide the greatest convenience for each child’s learning and activities? There are also accommodation conditions, management methods and food hygiene. Can every child get enough attention for physical and mental growth? Can problems be solved in time?

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For students who are new to private schools in the UK, small private schools are a better choice!

Before explaining this problem, parents should first understand the characteristics of British private schools, public schools and grammar schools; Teachers circulate with each other. Private school teachers have high pressure and long working hours. In addition to getting off work at 5 o’clock every day, they also have dormitory duty twice a week and weekly weekend duty. Therefore, generally, if they can’t withstand the pressure, they will go to public schools that finish school at 3 o’clock. Public school teachers will also transfer to private schools.

Therefore, apart from the very poor ones, private schools in Britain are not much different in classroom, campus or accommodation. However, if children first go to private schools in the UK, small-scale private schools will give children more attention. The more concerned children are, the more stable their psychological development and the more steady their achievements are.

Recommended by small-scale high-quality private schools in the UK!

St bees school, built in 1583, is located in the village of St bees, providing students with a wide space for free activities. The school has enrolled girls since 1976 and has now become a coeducational school. The school has separate boys’ dormitory and girls’ dormitory. The accommodation environment is friendly and comfortable, which is managed by the school dormitory supervisor. Students of all grades live together like a big family, and the whole dormitory is full of family atmosphere. The school encourages students to deal with all kinds of things by themselves, and trains students to “develop in an all-round way, have ideals and goals, and know how to arrange their own time”.

Brockwood Park School (Brockwood Park School) is located in rural southern England, providing personalized and all-round education for about 58 students aged 14 to 19. The founder of the school is Krishnamurti J. Krishnamurti, the most outstanding philosopher in the 20th century. The school inherits the concept of the founder and encourages students to explore themselves in a safe and comfortable environment. Therefore, school education has a learning model beyond the traditional.

The choice of courses at the beginning of studying abroad directly affects children’s future learning and growth

Many parents choose schools for their children only based on rankings, grades, enrollment rates and teachers, coupled with the campus and accommodation environment. They often ignore the curriculum of the school and think that as long as the school is high enough, Children are part of high quality… This idea leads many young foreign students who have just arrived in the UK to be unable to adapt to the study and life of private schools in the UK for half a year or even a year. In the final analysis, the curriculum arrangement is unreasonable.

In addition to compulsory courses, private schools in Britain need students to choose some courses according to their interests and advantages. Parents only care about the popularity of the school, but they don’t know that their children can’t afford long-term sports in the school. This unreasonable curriculum arrangement will seriously undermine children’s self-confidence. Although British schools can adjust the curriculum within one month after the start of school, they have fallen behind the four week curriculum after really trying. It will take a lot of trouble to catch up with the curriculum of pure English Teaching in the new environment. Some children even reread for a year because of the unreasonable curriculum arrangement.

Good grades and optimism complement each other and run through the whole study abroad stage. Therefore, parents need to pay special attention to the initial course selection to help children make good choices. British cloud junior high school planning teachers can keep close communication with the school according to the children’s advantages and disadvantages in choosing courses. They can constantly adjust with the changes of children’s interests and achievements, so that children can have a curriculum that best suits their children’s development and growth when they arrive at school, so as to maximize the value of British private school education.