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The British government clearly points out that it is illegal for foreign students to write papers on behalf of others

shine trader live reports:

The British government announced that it would legislate to crack down on paper writing and that it was illegal to provide students with paper writing services.

It is said that the British government intends to legislate that institutions providing educational services to students over the age of 16 will break the law if they provide thesis writing services.

Minister Alex burghart said it was immoral to write for others, and we are taking measures to prohibit this service. Banning essay writing services helps to ensure academic integrity and prevent students from being deceived and hurt.

Before that, the British government has taken a series of measures to crack down on unscrupulous paper writing agencies. The British government has cooperated with the higher education quality assurance Bureau.

In the future, British universities and the National Federation of students will provide guidance for colleges and universities on how to deal with the fraud of proxy writing service, and provide instructions for students to make them better aware of the consequences of thesis proxy writing. The British government’s move has sent a clear signal that it is illegal to write papers on behalf of others.

According to the data of the higher education quality assurance Bureau, a British university supervision organization, there are more than 1000 thesis writing institutions operating in the UK.

It is reported that the relevant bill entered the reporting stage in the house of Lords on October 12.



Chinese students entering the United States

Threatened by investigation

On October 8, the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles issued a reminder that many Chinese students had encountered many obstacles when entering the Los Angeles International Airport recently.

On October 10, xinhuanet reported that recently, when many Chinese students entered the Los Angeles International Airport, they were repeatedly questioned by U.S. border inspection and law enforcement officials about their purpose of studying in the United States, past academic achievements, whether they had ever been employed, whether they had received disciplinary sanctions, whether they “plagiarized” laboratory data, and some were threatened, intimidated, and even restricted their freedom for dozens of hours, He was eventually refused entry and repatriated.

In addition, some Chinese students were interrogated by US law enforcement officers and their personal electronic equipment was confiscated when they left the country for home. Our museum has made solemn representations to the US side in this regard, urging the US side to correct its mistakes and stop using various excuses to unreasonably restrict and suppress Chinese students.

China Daily reported that for a long time, cases of arbitrary detention, harassment and confiscation of personal belongings by U.S. law enforcement officials against Chinese students studying in the United States have occurred from time to time.

On August 15, when three Chinese students entered Houston Airport with legal visas, they were investigated by the United States and sent back to China. The reason is that they were funded by the Chinese government or found military training photos in their personal mobile phones, so they were suspected of military background.

In late September, a Chinese student studying in the United States who had obtained a legal visa issued by the U.S. government was harassed by the U.S. unreasonable investigation when entering Houston Airport. His personal freedom was restricted in a narrow space for more than 50 hours. During this period, normal diet and rest could not be guaranteed. Finally, he was repatriated by the U.S. through a third country for unwarranted reasons.