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The difficulty of applying for 22fall in the UK has increased again

shine trader live reports:

In recent years, the number of applicants in Britain has only increased, and what everyone regrets most is that this year is really too voluminous!

At present, the 22fall application season is open, and British colleges and universities really don’t disappoint everyone: we have more volumes than last year.

Not long ago, the University of Nottingham and the University of Leeds successively updated this year’s list, cut down some colleges and universities, but also improved the application conditions. Some projects even only accept land-based 211 / 985 students.

Today, palm Jun takes you to see the detailed explanation of admission conditions of British colleges and Universities:

University of Nottingham

Except for the special schools of economics, business, law and engineering, the other schools of Nottingham University adopt the unified general tier, which is divided into tier 1, tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4.

The latest general tier 1 includes 147 colleges and universities + 48 additional recognized people’s Liberation Army (military) colleges and universities. Five new schools have been added on the original basis, and four colleges and universities have been eliminated.

According to the different requirements of British degree level, the score requirements range is also different. At the same time, some popular majors are almost not admitted to non tier 1.

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💡 Nottingham Business School

Nottingham Business School this year divided the land-based institutions into four grades of tier 1-4, and each grade has corresponding average score requirements according to the interval:

Tier 1

A total of 195 colleges and universities, mainly 985 / 211 colleges and universities, with an average score of 78

Tier 2

There are 742 schools in total, with an average score of 82-85

Tier 3

For schools other than tier 1, tier 2 and independent colleges, the minimum average score is 86

Tier 4

For all independent colleges, the average score is 88

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On the whole, business schools require higher scores for schools with different grades. Some popular majors basically only need tier 1 students, and the later the interval, the more difficult it is.

💡 Nottingham School of Economics

This year, Nottingham School of economics also adjusted the application requirements and developed its own list, of which tier 1 added 18 financial and non-financial institutions such as Guangwai and shoujingmao.

Among these schools on the list, the minimum score is 75% for the majors applying for Nottingham 2:2 degree, 80% for the schools applying for 2:1 degree, and 85% for the majors applying for first-class degree.

The remaining non-t1 students need to achieve higher scores when applying for the corresponding degree, generally about 5-10 points higher.