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The most difficult entrance examination in British private schools

shine trader live reports:

Eaton public school, the most difficult entrance examination for British private schools, is the most famous boarding private school in Britain. It is famous for its rich “elites” and “gentlemen”, such as Prince William and Prince Harry of the royal family, the famous writer George Orwell, the famous actor freckles, and more than 20 British prime ministers

If you want to enter this school, you need to have a strong background, talent, wisdom, talent and so on

Every year, Eaton recruits new students through 13 + examinations, including English, mathematics and foreign languages… In addition, Eaton will select 14 King’s scholars from new students every year.

The Eaton entrance examination, the first in the UK, is already very difficult, and the scholarship examination is even more difficult. Topics include science, mathematics, literature, religion, philosophy and so on… It can be called “the most difficult entrance examination for British private schools”.

The British media summed up 10 real questions. Let’s feel it!

Note: most of the questions are argumentative, so there is no definite answer, but there are some relatively clear questions, and we will give the answer at the end of the question.