The great women who won the Nobel Prize

A parent’s attitude towards his child’s thirst for knowledge

Only by being curious about the world and having the desire and ability to explore, can children grow into adults.

A parent’s attitude towards his child’s thirst for knowledge will determine his life.

The great women who won the Nobel Prize

Known as the “Silicon Valley Iron Man,” famed entrepreneurial adventurer Elon Musk has led a near-legendary life.

At the age of 10, he taught himself software programming; at 12, he designed commercial software games; at 17, he went to Canada to study alone; at 21, he entered the University of Pennsylvania on a scholarship; later, he dropped out to start his own business; at 36, he launched the first liquid-orbit rocket developed by a private aerospace company.

Everyone wants to know, what exactly does his mother, Mae Musk, do with her children?

‘It’s just about respecting and supporting his intellectual curiosity and letting them pursue what they like,’ she says.

Ten-year-old Elon wants to buy a computer to teach herself programming, but she is struggling financially. She grits out the money to buy her son a computer.

After Elon designed the game, she encouraged her children to submit it.

Elon was rewarded with $500 and started sticking to what he was doing.

Such a woman is worthy of many confessions from a gifted son:

“My mother is my hero, and my success is due to her cultivation and influence.”

It is in the process of “loving learning” that smart parents discover their children’s potential and characteristics and encourage their children’s development.

When a child asks a question, what matters is not the answer, but the process of learning.

Adele Faber, a famous American international expert on parent-child communication, once said that what children need adults to do is act as an echo wall to help them further explore their own thoughts.

Sun li once took her children to a friend’s farm. When the children saw the eggs, they wondered if they could hatch chickens.

And she was like, give it a try.

As a result, the chicks were born, 15 in a row, bringing endless surprises to the children.

In fact, the child wants to learn to know, let him start his own journey of discovery.

To explore and learn about the things he loves is the greatest power for him to realize his personal value and achieve himself.

Every child is a treasure and needs to be placed in its proper place to have a chance to shine.

Only respect his curiosity, can follow the child’s temperament to become what he should be.

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