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Professor holding baby in class goes viral: ‘Teacher wears more than one hat’

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A Pennsylvania professor went above and beyond the call of duty for a student who couldn’t find a babysitter.
Last month, a sweet video showed Dr. Aqeel Dix, a professor of health sciences at the University of Lincoln, a historically black college near Oxford at the University of Pennsylvania. A video of a student holding a child in her arms during class recently went viral online. Dix told Yahoo Life that he has a large family and that he held the baby facing the mother, which seemed to put him at ease as he walked through the front of the classroom.

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Shine Trader Limited-Live Reports

The video was filmed in January 2020, just before the closure of many universities across the country due to COVID-19, but it has reappeared and moved countless people.
It Takes A Village…. When my students need me, I’m there.” “One of my students said to me, Dr. Dix, I’m going to skip class. My answer is, why… Then she said I didn’t have a nanny. I promise I’ll take care of him if I bring him to class. I always say that we as educators are more than just our titles. I will not have students miss school because there is no one to take care of their children. I’ll put Dr. Dix’s day care in the back of the classroom in case they miss class. Days like this make me love what I do.”