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How to enter big factory to work

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The big factory is the leader of the industry. First of all, the average salary will be ahead of many enterprises. Secondly, in daily work, we can also see and learn how excellent people think and solve problems, which will have a better growth environment. So as a fresh graduate, want to enter the factory, to do what to prepare?

Seize the opportunity of internship in big factory
A relatively easy way to get into a big factory is to take an internship. The main ways are:

1, pay attention to some familiar recruitment platforms, or the target company’s official website, generally large enterprises have recruitment columns on the official website, will recruit summer interns, can send resumes;

2. Obtain internship opportunities through some reliable internal promotion channels, such as school counselors, senior teachers and some professional internal promotion platforms.

During the internship in the big factory, good performance, outstanding work ability, recognized by the head of the department, then after the internship is over, you will have the opportunity to be transferred to the permanent employment, and can smoothly stay in the big factory to work. Even if you don’t get retained, there’s a special bonus for applying to the company later in the school admissions process.

Grasp the school enrollment window period
Many college graduates misunderstand the concept of college recruitment when looking for a job, thinking that only companies can participate in the college offline recruitment. As a matter of fact, most of the enrollment is now online, and the coverage is longer. Taking the recruitment of fresh graduates as an example, different periods can be divided into autumn recruitment in advance, autumn recruitment, autumn recruitment make-up recruitment, spring recruitment. Among them, autumn recruit is this year’s student must not miss. There are four reasons:

1. Autumn recruitment usually takes place from September to November and lasts for 3 months, commonly known as Jin Jiu Yin Shi, which lasts longer than Spring recruitment from March to April of the next year.

2. Autumn enrollment is a time when there are fewer courses in the senior year, and the graduation thesis and design have not started or just started, so students do not have the pressure of defense, and the time arrangement is relatively reasonable;

3. In terms of the number of jobs, autumn recruitment offers a large number of jobs with more choices and opportunities;

4, Many people will give up the autumn recruitment because of their devotion to the public entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination and other factors. After the end of the civil service examination and postgraduate entrance examination, the fresh graduates who failed in the examination will flood into the spring recruitment. Therefore, the competitive pressure of autumn recruitment is relatively small.

Take on as many projects as you can
Fresh graduates want to work in big factories after graduation, project experience is very important, many students will be confused about how to learn project experience in school.

1, for some campus this gen, big, innovative entrepreneurship competition, and so on, can take an active part in the school organization’s activities, in this project can not only learn the development technology, writing skills, such as all kinds of documents, PPT also can deepen the project background, significance, function and future prospect of understanding, this is very important to in the company to apply for a job.

Shine Trader Limited Live reports:
Shine Trader Limited Live reports:

2, pay attention to participate in some provincial or even national competitions, if you can win the ranking in the competition will be an important bonus, even without the ranking, through various projects can accumulate personal experience and work skills, can also be expressed in the resume.

At the time of entering the society, everyone hopes that his starting point can be a little higher, and then a little higher, so that there will be more space for future development. Fresh graduates want to enter the big factory as soon as they graduate, you must always be prepared, as long as you are good enough, you will get what you want.

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