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Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night

When children are growing up, especially between the ages of 2 and 9, they are like “a hundred thousand whys” with endless questions.

The great women who won the Nobel Prize

Why is the sky blue during the day and dark at night?

Is the earth the only place where people live? Are there people in the stars and moon?

Where is the virus? Why can’t I see it?

My cousin, since childhood is a child full of curiosity about the model.

Every time you see a robot or something mechanical, you ask, “How is this spelled?” and buy yourself a piece to disassemble and study.

When he grew up, he looked for all kinds of opportunities to satisfy his curiosity. He not only enrolled in the major of mechanical electronics, but also started to develop robots.

Later, he won a prize in a national robotics competition.

In order to have more opportunities to study, he went to a research and development company, became an engineer, and now earns both fame and money.

The way he grew up confirms the significance of curiosity to the development of a child.

As The Nobel Laureate in physics Yang Zhenning said in a lecture:

In fact, physics is not a very difficult knowledge, the biggest motivation to study it is curiosity.

To care for children’s curiosity is to protect children to live out their own fire.

When he becomes interested in something or even comes up with a variety of fanciful and outlandish ideas, please do not ignore or discourage him. The positive response from his parents encourages him to explore himself.

The more opportunities he has to express his curiosity, the broader his mind and the deeper his self-exploration will be.

Recognize the child’s curiosity, let his imagination on the wings to fly, the child can freely explore everything, the courage to face their own inner needs.

Thirst for knowledge is the fuel of life

It has been said that it is human nature to seek knowledge; a man without it is like a bird without wings.

I think so.

Only by being curious about the world and having the desire and ability to explore, can children grow into adults.

A parent’s attitude towards his child’s thirst for knowledge will determine his life.

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