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“Admission criteria” for overseas college admissions officers

shine trader live reports:

The world’s top school has always attracted the attention of families all over the world. Many families have begun to plan for future enrollment from the primary and secondary school stage. Just like that sentence – “know yourself and know the enemy, you can win all battles!” if you want to win the offer of the world’s colleges and universities in one fell swoop in the future, we should understand the enrollment rules of each school in advance and grasp the admission trend, so that we can have more direction on our way to study in the future~

In view of some phenomena in the admission process, socratespost, which focuses on research with meiben University, interviewed admissions officers from six American universities such as Princeton, Penn University and Michigan, and finally summed up eight surprising admission truths——

Praise the school, but don’t praise the geographical location of the school

“Don’t discuss the school’s geographical location in small books. Such geographical location doesn’t make you stand out. You need to really reflect on yourself and keep asking yourself, ‘why do I like this place? What’s the difference between this school and other schools’. – – Amanda, admissions officer of Colorado Institute of mining

Many schools will ask students to tell their reasons for choosing the school in the documents. This is a good opportunity to express their understanding and understanding of the school, but many students just focus on the school location. Good geographical location is indeed an advantage. In addition, what else does the school impress you?

In contrast, when writing such documents, we should first do in-depth research, including various school projects, courses, associations, professors and so on.

The letter of recommendation is neither hot nor cold. It’s better not to send it

“It’s really surprising that we have received too many ‘neither hot nor cold’ letters of recommendation. We want to see the recommender’s true expression of students’ personality and quality, which can not only show students’ future performance in the classroom, but also reflect students’ achievements outside the classroom.” – Bryan, admissions director of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Many students understand the recommendation letter as “some kind of proof”. They will also download documents from the Internet, change some information casually, and go to a professor to help sign. Such a recommendation letter may have a perfect format, but it lacks soul. The purpose of the recommendation letter is to help you show the admissions officer a more comprehensive and real quality and personality, rather than your performance in a class. This is what we need to emphasize when selecting recommenders and communicating with recommenders. (if you want to know more about international schools, you can call 400-888-5281 or add a school selection assistant [ID: yuanboguoji114])

“We don’t welcome people who only care about themselves”

“It’s not enough for an ideal applicant to only work for himself. The most important thing is whether he can help others. The world is full of too many people who work for himself, and the biggest difference between an artist and a Princeton applicant is whether they are helping the better development of society.” – Maurice, admissions interviewer of Princeton University

Many top schools attach great importance to students’ influence on others and society. They want to know what this student can do with his excellence and what can change the current situation

If you only show your advantages in your application, but don’t show your ability, activities and relationship with others, what the admissions officer sees is one-sided you!

Your excellence is more important than the excellence of the school itself

“If you want to go to California State University Fulton or some low ranking public universities, and if you can fully show yourself and become a top student in these schools, it may be a better choice for you. You may eventually get a better job than your ideal job, and then you will continue to succeed in your career. In fact, you are far away from college The farther away you go, the less important it is where you go to college. “- Dave, admissions interviewer at the University of Pennsylvania

When selecting schools, we will first refer to the ranking, because the schools with high ranking not only have better teaching resources, but also the most important thing is that the school title can help us add points in employment and future development. However, the admissions officer of Penn University said that compared with the ranking, we should consider which school can perform better and get a higher GPA.