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University of York university enrollment extension in 2021

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York University is a campus university in Yorkshire, England. It is one of the members of Russell university group.. In 2001, the Daily Telegraph ranked second in the university rankings, and its teaching quality ranked first in the official evaluation. The school was also listed as the University of the year 2003 by the Sunday Times. It was ranked among the top 100 universities in the world university ranking of the times in 2007, ranked 74th in 2007 and 81 in 2008.

York University is one of the top universities in Britain. Its teaching and scientific research quality is well-known at home and abroad. York University is committed to providing students with superior academic environment, social environment and natural environment. Its main campus is located in the suburb of York City.

Academic alliance: Russel group; White rose University Consortium; National science learning centers; Member of the worldwide universities network (WAN), member of the N8 research partnership, member of the CBI business organization, and member of the British Chambers of Commerce.

PG admissions of York University has confirmed that the admission offer in 2021 is extended to 2022 [application deadline] It is extended from October 1 to the end of October. Whether students are conditional offer firm or unconditional offer firm, they can send an email to PG- Application. If the extension application has not been received before the end of October, the offer will be cancelled. Students who intend to enter the University in 2022 need to submit a new application.