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American universities most popular on Wall Street and Silicon Valley

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Over the years, New York and California have been the favorite places for international students. Both of them have many resources for employment and teaching.

Of course, when it comes to employment in the United States, people will immediately think of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. The former is an important place for employment in the field of business, and the latter is an employment paradise for computer talents.

But no matter what kind, if you want to get a job after graduation, entering target school will win at the starting line.

As we all know, many well-known companies in the United States will have their own cooperative schools, give priority to these schools in recruitment, and even often hold lectures and job fairs in these schools.

Compared with looking for a job after graduation, entering these schools already has many advantages.

So, if you want to work on Wall Street or silicon valley, what schools and majors should you go to? Let’s have a look.

Wall Street

Emolment, a famous foreign salary survey website, surveyed thousands of investment banking and financial professionals working locally in New York. The final results showed that most of the elites working on Wall Street (at least most of those working in New York) had studied in the following 10 universities before entering the financial industry.

10. University of Michigan Ross School of business

University of Michigan & Ross School of Business

School address: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Alumni ratio: 1.6%

The University of Michigan Business School is one of the most popular MBA talent hunting grounds in the world. Every year, 300-400 famous enterprises compete fiercely, including famous consulting companies, investment banks, American “Fortune 500” enterprises, European multinational corporations, etc.

9. Rutgers University

Rutgers University

School address: New Brunswick & Newark, New Jersey

Alumni ratio: 1.7%

More than 5000 internship opportunities are open to Rutgers University students every year. Companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & young and Citigroup participate in up to 12 job fairs held by the university every year.

8. MIT Sloan School of management

MIT & Sloan School of Management

School address: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Alumni ratio: 1.9%

Sloan School of management is one of the leading business schools in the world. It has deep cooperation with many enterprises on Wall Street. Graduates basically don’t have to worry about finding a job.

7. Baruch College

Baruch College

School address: New York City, New York

Alumni ratio: 2%

Baruch College is famous for business. The name of the school is to thank the honorary alumni Bernard M. Baruch, an investment master from Wall Street.

The school is adjacent to Wall Street, the financial center of the United States. Due to its unique geographical advantages, it has attracted a large number of senior teaching staff in the industry, and the employment rate of graduates is very high. Many graduates have entered the top investment banks and financial companies in the United States.

6. Harvard Business School

Harvard University & Harvard Business School

School address: Cambridge & Boston, Massachusetts

Alumni ratio: 2.4%

Harvard Business School is the most famous institution in the United States to cultivate enterprise talents. It is called the “factory” for cultivating businessmen, supervisors and general managers by Americans. Many large American entrepreneurs and politicians have studied here. One fifth of the top managers in the 500 largest companies in the United States graduated from this college.

5. University of Chicago Business School

University of Chicago & Booth School of Business

School address: Chicago, Illinois

Alumni ratio: 2.6%

The University of Chicago business school has always been known as the “theoretical” School of business school, and is famous for its many scholars who have won the Nobel Prize in economics. Most of the students of Chicago University go for its reputation in finance. Every year, nearly 80% of the students in the school intend to engage in investment banking. And it is worth mentioning that Chicago university is also the school with the most Chinese people among the top business schools in the United States.

4. Cornell University

Cornell University

School address: Ithaca, New York

Alumni ratio: 3.2%

Cornell University’s School of hotel management is the general existence of Harvard, occupying the champion of major professional rankings all year round. However, Cornell later merged the school of hotel management, Dyson School of Applied Economics Management and Johnson Graduate School of management to form a comprehensive business school, which also made the school the third largest business school in the United States after Harvard Business School and Penn Wharton Business School, significantly improving the comprehensive strength of the school.

3. Penn Wharton School of business

University of Pennsylvania & Wharton School

School address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alumni ratio: 3.7%

Wharton Business School, located in Philadelphia, is the world’s leading business school and has been rated as “the world’s best business school” for many times.

2. Columbia University Business School

Columbia University & Columbia Business School

School address: New York City, New York

Alumni ratio: 7.3%

Columbia University Business School is located in the center of New York, close to Wall Street. Therefore, the students of the school can often find internships or job opportunities on Wall Street. After graduation, most students also choose to enter Wall Street and engage in investment banking and consulting.

1. New York University Stern School of business

New York University & Stern School of Business

School address: New York City, New York

Alumni ratio: 7.4%

Like Columbia Business School, NYU business school is also adjacent to the financial center wall street and has extensive contacts with hundreds of world-class financial research institutions and financial enterprises, which makes NYU business school have outstanding advantages not only in the field of academic theory, but also in financial practice.