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For prospective students going abroad, listen to this advice

shine trader live reports:

First, communicate more. Asians, including us Chinese, have a reserved culture and don’t like expression. On the contrary, western culture attaches importance to expression and display itself. Therefore, after Chinese students go to study abroad, they unconsciously carry this cultural brand and lose the opportunity to show themselves and exercise themselves. Of course, there is also a very important point, that is, many students are still dumb English, not very good at speaking and dare not speak. Muster up your courage and speak more English. The more you express, the better your English will be.

Second, communicate more with people from countries studying abroad, not always in the Chinese circle. Many foreign students are not good at expression and English is not very good, so they can’t show themselves and are unwilling to show themselves. In foreign countries, we need to communicate from classroom to after-school learning and life, including group work. Because of the barriers to English and the differences in culture and thinking, many people escape and only study and play with their own people. Communication is also Chinese communication. Some teachers set rules that do not allow domestic students to do group work together. Many foreign students are only limited to the communication of completing their homework, and others are insulated from local students. Lost the opportunity to learn about foreign society, culture and thought collision, which reduced the value of studying abroad. Even the most basic English training opportunities have been lost.

Third, make more use of school resources. The school library, the school employment office and the school international student office will provide many free (actually included in the tuition) activities and guidance. Making good use of these will give you a lot of added value in English promotion, job hunting and employment, study and life. However, many foreign students still maintain their domestic learning habits and will not take the initiative to use these resources after class. Miss a lot of opportunities to improve yourself. We need to know that seven points of effort and three points of choice. These resources are definitely the contents of three choices.

Fourth, we should take the initiative. Chinese students, studying and living habits in China, many habits are controlled and reminded. But studying abroad, undergraduate and master’s degrees are adults. According to foreign culture and habits, adults should be responsible for themselves, and no one should urge and remind you. Therefore, we should change our attitude, take positive action, take the initiative to integrate into the school, actively explore and make use of the school and local resources to improve ourselves.

Fifth, it is important to change your thinking. What I wrote above, many angles are also to improve myself, improve myself and so on. Focus on yourself. However, in foreign cultures, the individual’s contribution to society is emphasized. In fact, you have contributed to your society and your own ability has been improved. For example, if you actively communicate with local students in school, they will also learn from us the ways and methods of Chinese people to see problems, and virtually improve ourselves in the process of their promotion. However, the change of perspective leads to inconsistent ways of doing things and speaking.

I try to summarize as many points as possible to cover all the contents and help foreign students. But it is obviously unrealistic. We need to experience and experience the life of studying abroad. Only by maintaining passion, initiative and open mind can you get more experience of studying abroad, contribute to the small society of your school and grow at the same time.