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Ways to deal with children’s “bad emotions”

shine trader live reports:

The once popular online drama “secret corner” went online, which triggered an upsurge of suspense reasoning. Many netizens are racking their brains to explore the logical clues in the play.

At the same time, the mental health problems of children reflected in the play have also attracted much attention. As a child’s mother, I always pay attention to this topic unconsciously when I pursue the play.

In life, we always feel that children’s emotions are simple and direct, and their psychology is not so mature. They shouldn’t have such “negative emotions” as sadness, jealousy, loneliness and fear.

As everyone knows, in their emotional world, there will also be a “tumbling” moment.

As parents, we have an important job is to pay attention to children’s emotional requirements as soon as possible, give correct guidance to children’s emotions, and help children understand, understand and control their emotions, that is, to do a good job in “emotion management” for children.

For young children, their language expression ability is not so good, so parent-child reading is a good opportunity for parents and children to exchange emotional feelings.

Recently, I am reading a set of “warm heart” emotional picture books from South Korea, called “small light bulb emotional management picture book”, with a total of 8 volumes.

It is a set of mood management picture books specially designed to help children properly release bad emotions and cultivate a healthy attitude.

Around eight emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, jealousy and loneliness, a series of stories are launched to let children experience the generation and change of each emotional experience with the little protagonists, so as to improve their emotional cognition and management ability.