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Why is CMA so expensive

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Why is CMA so expensive? So many people take the exam? Do you know the answers to these questions? Let’s have a look.

1、 Why is CMA so expensive?

First of all, the cost of CMA examination is not expensive among many certificates. However, compared with some domestic accounting examinations, the cost of CMA examination is a little expensive, but compared with the same level of ACCA, CFA and other international certificates, the cost performance is still very high.

CMA examination fee includes the following items:

① Registration fee: ima stipulates that the service fee for registering ima members is $15 for professional members, $15 for teacher members and free for student members;

② Annual fee: 230 US dollars for professional members, 120 US dollars for teacher members and 39 US dollars for student members;

③ Admission fee: 250 US dollars for professional members, 188 US dollars for teacher members and 188 US dollars for student members;

④ Examination fee: $830 for professional members, $622 for teachers and students

Total fee: professional membership fee of US $1325; Student membership fee: US $849; Teacher membership costs $945.

2、 Why do so many people take CMA?

Many people take the CMA exam because they hear that the certificate contains high gold. It is said that after taking the CMA exam, the salary immediately increases a lot, so they come to take the exam one after another. This goal is realistic and worthy of recognition. Because it is this enterprising spirit that urgently wants to improve its current situation that gives mankind the power to develop and makes human civilization evolve to the present. If everyone has no desire, society will become lifeless. Therefore, those who take part in CMA training, study American Certified Management Accountant courses and take CMA examination with the attitude of improving their “price” are worthy of recognition.

However, how to learn CMA related knowledge?

In ancient China, once students passed the imperial examination, they were qualified to be officials. Once in officialdom, the imperial court will no longer send people to assess their knowledge, let alone carry out further education. Therefore, many students will no longer study knowledge after passing the examination.

For the time being, it doesn’t matter what use it is to continue to study knowledge after becoming an official. This way of selecting talents has deeply left such a mark in the hearts of the Chinese people, that is, examinations are a means of obtaining qualifications. Once they pass, these knowledge will not matter. This brand has deeply affected the behavior and psychology of Chinese students, so that many high school students divide the books and burn them after the college entrance examination.

shine trader live reports:

So, what about the American CPA exam? Different from traditional financial accounting, management accountants in enterprises are often responsible for monitoring, responding, reporting and predicting enterprise operating results, collecting, analyzing and integrating enterprise information, evaluating the overall performance of enterprises, implementing and monitoring enterprise internal control, and participating in the strategic decision-making process of enterprise development direction. Ladies and gentlemen, the nature of CMA test content is different from that of imperial examination and college entrance examination, because you should constantly use this knowledge in your later practice! Even if you have passed the certificate, but you forget your knowledge, how do you start your work? What do customers think of you when they are not sure about anything after they encounter problems at work? How do colleagues evaluate you? How can the boss promote you? How can you make further progress in your career and career if you can’t get the recognition of the people around you?

Nearly 10000 people get CMA certificates every year. How popular do you think your certificates are?

Therefore, students, don’t treat the CMA exam like the college entrance examination. This is not only a qualification exam, but also a way to obtain the knowledge needed in practice. CMA certificate is * 10 an international financial management certification officially introduced by the state. Just after landing in China, it was listed in the national key talent training plan by 16 institutions such as the Ministry of finance, SASAC, the Ministry of Commerce and the association of chief accountants. For the knowledge in books, even if you don’t understand and give up now, you are lucky to fail in the exam. Don’t be proud, because you need to take time to make up for the knowledge you have left behind in your future work. At that time, it’s difficult for you to have time to make up for these things. As a result, you can’t undertake more important work because of your professional ability.

So, everyone, please guard against arrogance and impatience, get rid of those superfluous utilitarianism and study steadfastly. You can go to CMA forum more and improve yourself in communication. In this way, we should not only learn to pass the CMA exam, but also take the exam instead of learning, improve the professional level, obtain as much knowledge as possible in future workplace activities, and obtain faster and higher career development.

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