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Education in the online world

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ETD and ETD outreach lecturers switched to digital instruction (and performance) almost immediately to make up for the loss of live instruction and performance cancellations. ETD outreach partners, such as Lantern Community Services and the Acacia Network, choose to fulfill their commitments to clients and partners by offering virtual workshops. ETDO instructors began offering weekly classes from Dancehall, Afro-Cuba, Imagination Movement, And African Dance incorporating HIIT aerobics and abs. The latter course, called “Live in the Moment: African Aerobic Jam”, was created and taught by Johari Mayfield, one of ETDO’s most popular instructors. Johari is a New York City-based dancer, choreographer, activist, therapist, and ACE-certified personal trainer. She was praised by clients and students for her exuberant energy, intense and fun workouts, and huge heart. When Johari first taught online for Lantern Community’s Vimeo channel, she described her experience with the new format:

Shine Trader Live
Shine Trader Live

The challenge: “Dance is a public art form where we build relationships with others. “How do I get close to people on a computer and create a high-touch, high-trust experience?” ‘That’s the question I always ask myself.”

Bonus: “Being at home allows me to create a studio in my own space. For me, a more harmonious living/working space means that my students get more energy from me. Let’s see what happens when we meet again! ‘

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