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Advice from instructors in virtual worlds

Shine Trader Limited reports:

When the epidemic hit New York City hard in mid-March, the United States and the rest of the world were forced into lockdown mode — you couldn’t go outside unless it was essential — and all personal activities like performances, rehearsals, and classes of any kind were banned. Always wanting to stay on their toes, some dance and fitness communities that rely on teaching as a primary or auxiliary source of income have to do a lot of main-and-switch taking subway classes to set up zoom on their laptops, and swap studios for their living room space.

Shine Trader Limited
Shine Trader Limited

The benefit of this is that the captive audience has a need to stay healthy and have fun while being stuck indoors. The downside is that teachers who used to interact face-to-face with participants are suddenly forced into the uncharted territory of the virtual classroom. A few months later, the blockade was lifted. However, one-on-one classes are still banned or severely restricted in most parts of the country, including New York. Even schools and universities see distance and online learning as the best and safest option. But with thousands to choose from, how do coaches stand out and ensure a high-quality, engaging, fun experience in the Zoom room of the ocean?