The great women who won the Nobel Prize

When the Nobel Prize was awarded to two beautiful women

This year’s Nobel Prize has been announced.

The chemistry prize, the first ever awarded to two women at the same time, was hotly debated.

The great women who won the Nobel Prize

Everybody regrets in succession: original woman also can be a scientist, return should be so outstanding.

What strange woman on earth made such brilliant achievements?

It turned out to be two women with personality, confidence, beauty and wisdom.

As for the prize, Professor Emmanuel Carpentier said:

“I hope this will send a positive message to young girls who are willing to embark on a career in science and show them that women in science can also stand out for the research they do.”

They have also been questioned and puzzled.

But with their own personal experience to tell you, no matter what gender, as long as you want, always have the qualification to be themselves.

Where does this energy come from?

Professor Emmanuel Carpentier says it all: curiosity, thirst for knowledge and understanding.

These three drives determine whether a child can live the way he or she wants to.

Curiosity, the beginning of life exploration

Einstein said, “I have no special genius, only a strong curiosity.”

Yang Zhirui, a 5-year-old boy, recently went viral after discovering dinosaur tracks.

As a child, he loved dinosaurs and became even more curious after listening to paleontologist Lida Xing’s lecture on dinosaurs.

When he heard that there were “strange footprints” in his grandfather’s hometown, he wanted to go back to see.

After arriving at the scene, I found that there were pits on the big SLATE on the top of the mountain.

Yang thought the pits were footprints of theropod dinosaurs and asked his mother to take photos and send them to Mr. Xing.

After expert exploration and research, it is true that as Yang Zherui said, this is a dinosaur footprint.

Children still in the big class, become the country’s smallest grade dinosaur discoverer, so worthy of everyone thumb up.

Even more commendable was his curiosity.

When children are growing up, especially between the ages of 2 and 9, they are like “a hundred thousand whys” with endless questions.

Why is the sky blue during the day and dark at night?

Is the earth the only place where people live? Are there people in the stars and moon?

Where is the virus? Why can’t I see it?

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  1. I know from personal experience that you can be yourself if you want to be, regardless of gender.Thank you for your sharing.

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