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HR can see the resume, have done these 3 points!

Shine Trader Live reports:

Job search season, it is a good time to change jobs, everyone’s resume ready?

In the background and in the topic square of our APP, some friends often ask questions like:

I’ve been scratching my head and writing resumes for days, getting few interview invitations and no idea what the problem is.

When we are immersed in our own ideas, we tend to think that “what we think is good equals what HR thinks is good”, but ignore the mentality and focus points of HR when selecting candidates. In only ten seconds of screening time, these three points are indispensable to make your resume quickly capture the “heart” of HR.

Shine Trader Live reports:
Shine Trader Live reports:

The layout is clear and clear
If the HR to look at the resume of the scene of life, it might be like this:

You went to a sichuan restaurant and picked up a menu to pick a few dishes, the results through the haven’t seen what dishes, ten pages are full of sichuan origin, the hotel’s history such as gossip, so you backwards to see again, also have no, you don’t have patience, rapidly through the whole book, finally find the picture in the middle a few pages is not tempting dishes, That’s when you lose half your interest in eating.

Think of it this way: when an HR person sees a sloppy/sloppy resume, if they can’t find key information quickly, it’s likely to get tossed out.

Good typography is essential to getting the HR to read your resume. Here’s what you can do:

(1) Resume structure should be clear. Here are two kinds of general framework, the specific display content can be adjusted according to the actual situation and job requirements.

① Fresh graduates can be arranged according to the structure of: personal information – self-evaluation – education experience – internship experience – campus experience – vocational skills (language, certificate, computer, etc.) from top to bottom

② Professionals can be ranked from top to bottom according to the structure: personal information – self-evaluation – work experience – project experience – education experience – vocational skills (language, certificate, computer, social training, etc.)

(2) Arrange your experience in a backwards timeline, putting your most recent work experience first. If you are changing careers, you can move the experience that best matches your target position to the first place, so that HR can know your match quickly.

(3) Resumes are business documents, so it’s best not to be unconventional. In particular, don’t use fancy typography and design elements. Try to keep your layout clean and focused. But to distinguish the text and make it easier to understand, we can add simple symbolic elements.

(4) For fresh graduates or those who have just entered the workplace for a few years, it is recommended that the content of the resume be limited to one page as far as possible. For experienced seniors, it can be appropriately relaxed to 2-3 pages.

Design jobs can prepare a portfolio, electronic volume as far as possible to control within 10M, select the essence, too large and miscellaneous content will improve your elimination rate.

Content matching, in line with recruitment needs
A good resume is one that fits the requirements.

When we write a resume, we must avoid by all means autobiographical creation, that is, to write their own experience all over again, done. The result is that the HR takes a look at your resume and it’s not appropriate.

So before writing a resume, we must find the correct starting point, starting from the position:

(1) First read the recruitment needs, draw JD keywords, split keywords, find out the requirements of hard and soft skills behind;

(2) Keyword extraction. That is to say, summarize each type of work I have done in a few words, or summarize the main work contents of this experience in a few words, and learn to use data presentation in the process of generalization.

A: What do you think of your work experience?

Data analysis: collected and analyzed sales data, competitor data, and the launch and effect of various paid advertisements on the platform, improved sales plans, developed monthly and quarterly sales plans and product category planning, and successfully selected the super popular models to achieve a good result of 240,000 yuan in single day through commodity data analysis.

Find the correct positioning, highlight personal advantages
In the limited space of your resume, take the opportunity to show your most valuable strengths.

First, be sure to match the needs of the position.

The position you are applying for requires comprehensive documents such as reports, minutes of meetings, etc., so you need to highlight your word processing skills and demonstrate your work experience in document writing.

Secondly, the highlight should have difference.

In terms of self-evaluation or personal interests, eight out of ten people say that they like writing, and you also write. How can you make others remember you quickly?

Detail the results of your writing — starting your own column is a plus.

Finally, learn to refine and polish.


A: Responsible for writing articles on the website, updating tweets on the website every week and increasing the activity of the website.

B: In order to improve the activity of the website, I wrote 3 articles every week, and read more than 5000 articles. I kept interaction with users in time and answered more than 50 messages.

Which of the two expressions do you think HR would prefer?

A mismatched CV can get in the way, and the perfect CV can take a lot of trial and error, but there is a good, fast way. 51job hire senior HR, 1V1 help you customize your resume, understand the key points of the position, avoid resume minefield, let your resume easily catch the heart of HR. After all, HR is the best HR person in the world.

The new October, I hope everyone can have a good future.