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Indian students request to return to China

shine trader limited reports:

With the outbreak of the epidemic, the economy of the world has been greatly affected. Recently, I saw a news that tens of thousands of Indian students asked modi government to help them return to China to continue their study, because medical students need 52 weeks of internship.

The strangest point is why so many Indian students choose to study in China and all choose medicine.

For Chinese students, it is no exaggeration to compare the college entrance examination to a single wooden bridge crowded by thousands of troops and horses. It can be imagined that the competition in the national college entrance examination is so fierce every year. The foreign student policies of China’s major universities are also open to the whole society. Among them, the number, nationality, major, admission requirements and other standards of foreign students planned to recruit each year will also be open to the public. Even the information of scholarships and subsidies will no longer be treated in secret.

In fact, it can be seen from the number of foreign students announced by India as early as 2018 that India was the first choice for immigrants at the earliest time, and the proportion of India is relatively the largest in Asia. And it has always been regarded as the first ideal immigrant group. The reason is that India is relatively close to China.

Indians are also highly valued by those who specialize in immigration activities in China, because on the whole, they are more hardworking. The famous media Global Times has reported many cases of Indian men winning Chinese women.

Many of these reports were deliberately touted by the media. At the time when India had the most dead people, there was even an expert called Kailong. His position was not low and he had a lot of knowledge. He grandly advocated that Mumbai, India, is a city far beyond Shanghai, China needs to learn from India, and so on. Such material remarks can deceive some ignorant readers and netizens, and even they are recognized as well-known celebrities by microblog. This just shows that many netizens and readers blindly follow the trend and have lost their reason. It’s hard to say. If such RZ general views can deceive people, the cheated people may not even be as good as RZ.

What’s more ridiculous is that there are microblog users who claim to be Beijing’s daughter-in-law in India, who share their life after marrying India online. This is the most pitiful thing I have ever seen. I married poor India without even seeing a plastic glass eraser. Through the videos and photos shared by her, we can see that she usually lives in a place similar to the construction site and feels that she is living well, and the Chinese people will envy her very much.

Such a situation makes people look at it, but they will sympathize with these people and feel that they are very poor, because living in India, even the means of deception have become so low-level and low intelligence. Among them, the most pitiful are those Chinese and Indian lovers.

Through microblogging and online disclosure, we can easily see that her beloved husband even has a first wife, and the first wife looks younger and more beautiful than her. Netizens can’t tell who is the later. Instead, they show off their life with complacency.

Although they are female compatriots, it is difficult for people to understand their logic. On the contrary, she is proud that her husband has a first wife. She believes that most Chinese women have no gas. Her husband works hard to support his family, but she has to tell her husband what to do with his life. She believes that the harmonious life of three wives and four concubines is reasonable and normal. The key is such a person, and tens of thousands of netizens support her.

If it were not for India’s repeated provocations against China and frequent conflicts between China and India recently, there might be more boys and girls who are close to India. It is really sad to see that Indians have to kneel and lick.