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Bill Carr, a British mathematician, joined Tsinghua University

shine trader limited reports:

The appointment ceremony of Professor Kocher bierkar, the winner of the fields award, was held at Tsinghua University. Qiu Yong, President of Tsinghua University, presented the letter of appointment of “Professor of Tsinghua University” to bierkar.

After joining Tsinghua University, Professor bill Carr will teach in Qiuzhen college and participate in the “Qiu Chengtong mathematics leading talent training program”. This appointment is the first time that Chinese universities have introduced non Chinese Fitz award winners.

According to the official introduction of Tsinghua University, Bill Carr was born in Iran, a British mathematician and a former professor of Cambridge University. He received his doctorate from the University of Nottingham in 2004, and he has made important contributions in the field of Bi rational geometry, especially put forward his own views on minimum model, singularity and linear system. In 2018, with the breakthrough in the field of double rational geometry, Bill Carr, less than 40 years old, won the Fields Medal, known as the “Nobel Prize in mathematics”.

Why did you choose to come to China and join Tsinghua University? In this regard, Bill Carr said, “In fact, I had kept close contact with Tsinghua before I received the invitation to join Tsinghua University. I visited Tsinghua University in 2017 and 2019 respectively, and I was familiar with it. There are many factors in choosing to join Tsinghua University, one of which is that Tsinghua University is a good university, and the mathematics of China and Tsinghua is becoming stronger and stronger. At the same time, I came to China to join Tsinghua University, I also want to experience different cultures and different lifestyles in China. ”

Referring to the advantages of Tsinghua, Bill Carr also said that Tsinghua has the best students in China, just as Cambridge has the best students in Britain. From this level, Tsinghua and Cambridge have similarities. From the research level, Tsinghua has a strong team of researchers, and provides good service support for researchers. Researchers can do it wholeheartedly Research, which is very useful for researchers.

As for the expectation of the future, Bill Carr said, “in terms of research and teaching, there is not much change here compared with before. They all do research and teaching in the same way. But later, I may communicate with more people, because I find it easy to communicate with other colleagues and mathematicians here.”

Surging news (www.thepaper. CN) reported in March this year that in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the “Qiu Chengtong mathematics leading talent training plan”, Tsinghua University established a truth seeking academy, which operates according to the physical organization of the school and is provided with administrative management and services by the academy management center. The president of the truth seeking academy is Qiu Chengtong, a famous mathematician and director of Tsinghua Qiu Chengtong mathematics science center.

Qiu Chengtong said at the event that in the past, many people thought that it was necessary to go abroad to do a good job in learning; now everyone’s ideas are gradually changing, and China has the ability to cultivate first-class students and scholars by itself.