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What are the conditions for studying in Canada in junior high school

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To study abroad, candidates need to meet certain conditions in the application process. We should also be familiar with some basic application conditions and make preparations in advance to help us more successfully apply to the intended countries and colleges. What are the specific contents? The following small series has sorted out the relevant study abroad contents for you to understand!

1、 Application approach:

1. Admission to private international schools. 2. Enter the secondary school department attached to the University of Canada. 3. Junior high school students can apply for Canadian public middle schools.

2、 Application conditions:

Academic achievement certificate and junior high school diploma are required. If you don’t have language scores, you have to study language courses first and then enter high school. Canadian middle schools generally require students to provide slep scores. If not, they can first go to the ESL language center of the school. After passing the language test, they can go to the corresponding grade. To sum up, junior high school students who want to go straight to Canadian middle schools should meet the following conditions: 1. Junior high school achievement certificate and junior high school graduation certificate. 2. Have a slep score of at least 42 points. 3. The average score of junior middle school reaches more than 80%.

3、 Application materials:

1. School application form, 2. Application fee, 3. Notarized copy of junior high school transcript, 4. Notarized copy of junior high school graduation certificate or reading certificate, 5. Various documents indicating their excellence

4、 Funding requirements:

The capital requirement is more than 1.2 million yuan, calculated at 150000 yuan per year, and 1.2 million yuan in 8 years. The cost breakdown is that the tuition fee of Canadian secondary schools is about $12000 / year and the living cost is about $10000 / year. This cost is only an estimated cost, and the specific cost is determined according to the nature and ranking of the school and the economic level of the school location.

The cost of going to Canada to study in middle school and university is not much different, but the better the middle school and University, the higher the cost. Public and private secondary schools in Canada are open to China. Compared with the United States, they have relatively free choices and slightly lower costs. Due to the frequent educational exchanges between China and Canada in recent years, almost all public and private secondary schools in Canada now recruit students to China.

5、 Curriculum:

Generally, it includes English (the second language French), mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, computer technology, Canadian history, Canadian geography, art, health and sports, civic education and vocational guidance, the third language (Chinese can be counted as the third language, accounting for one credit), business research, etc.