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The United States welcomes Chinese students again

shine trader limited reports:

With the autumn semester approaching and most schools in the United States decided to resume offline teaching. At the same time, due to the reopening of visa applications by the U.S. State Department not long ago, many Chinese students who returned home last year due to the epidemic and newly admitted students have taken a flight to the United States recently to reopen their study abroad life.

As the only transportation hub with direct flights between China and the United States during the epidemic, Kennedy Airport recently welcomed a large number of students of all ages from Shanghai.

▲ two “fully armed” young international students walked out of the airport.

Due to the reduction of China US routes caused by the epidemic, at present, only Shanghai Eastern Airlines and Hong Kong Cathay Pacific are allowed to operate direct flight services to New York, and the flights of the two airlines are actually boarding at Pudong International Airport, resulting in a long queue at Pudong Airport recently.

In the afternoon of the 17th, many students who arrived in New York by China Eastern Airlines flight mu587 said that because China Eastern Airlines is a local flight in Shanghai, the scene of queuing for boarding is not as exaggerated as reported by the media in the past two days, but more than 300 seats on the whole flight have been filled, and there are no vacant seats in business class.

▲ the picture shows the international students taking China Eastern Airlines flight mu587 mixed with the passengers after customs clearance on the 17th, walking out of terminal 1 of Kennedy Airport in twos and threes. The flight scheduled to arrive at 2:30 on the same day will arrive one hour in advance. (picture from American overseas Chinese newspaper)

A classmate surnamed Zhou, who came to the United States alone from Beijing to study in Grade 8, said that her parents spent 60000 yuan to buy her a business class ticket, so she first rushed from Beijing to Shanghai, then took a plane from Shanghai to New York, and then went to a middle school in Virginia accompanied by her family and friends. This is her first visit to the United States. Although she is nervous, she is also full of expectations.

Lu, who originally came from Hefei and went to Pennsylvania State University to study science and technology two years ago, took a plane back to the United States with a female classmate from Anhui. When he walked out of the airport terminal at about 3 p.m. on the 17th, he said that he returned home at the request of his family half a year ago. At that time, his family had bought a ticket for returning home and hoped I could go back, so he returned home for half a year. But half a year ago, his father also “prepared for a rainy day” and booked his ticket back to the United States this month on the Internet. Because he holds a five-year valid student visa, he does not need to pass the visa again. Therefore, he will return to the United States smoothly and start his junior life later.

The Shanghai student surnamed Du, who had previously completed his undergraduate course in New Jersey and returned home for one year, returned to the United States this time and is about to enter a business major at New York University. He and a schoolgirl who arrived on the same plane said that it is difficult to get a ticket for a flight back to the United States. He finally bought a ticket for China Eastern Airlines earlier, but even economy class has been more than 30000 yuan, and the seats on the plane are almost full, basically all students.

According to the staff of China Eastern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, as the only mainland airline that directly flies to Kennedy Airport in China, has basically sold out its flight seats in August. Flights depart from Pudong airport to New York every Tuesday and Sunday. There are still four flights on the 22nd, 24th, 29th and 31st of this month.