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Compulsory vaccination for school students

shine trader limited reports:

California governor Newson signed the first state-level executive order in the United States, requiring all age qualified students in public and private schools in California, from kindergarten to the third grade of high school, to be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. Newson said that according to the vaccination schedule for minors approved by the FDA of the U.S. Food and drug administration, California is expected to force school students aged 12 and over to be vaccinated from January next year; Students under Grade 6 will be required after the FDA fully approves the relevant vaccine. Once the governor’s injunction is implemented, except for the exemption of students for some religious or special health reasons, the school will prohibit unvaccinated students from attending school. They can only choose online classes or study independently at home. At present, the FDA only authorizes Pfizer new crown vaccine for emergency use for people aged 12 and over, which has not been fully approved.