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Admission criteria for master’s major of Lancaster University in 2022

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Recently, many British universities have updated their admission standards, followed by Lancaster University, which has released the admission standards for Chinese students majoring in master’s degree in 2022, which has not changed much compared with last year. Let’s take a look at the specific situation with the Xiaobian of cloud education group!

Lancaster University (Lu) was founded in 1964 and enjoys a good academic reputation in the UK and internationally. Lancaster University has been rated as an excellent public scientific research university in the UK for many times. It is one of the 25 UK universities with the greatest satisfaction of students and ranked 132 in the QS World University Ranking in 2022.

This time, Lancaster University still divides Chinese universities into band 1, band 2 and band 3. There are 620 institutions on the list, including 136 in band 1, 168 in band 2 and 316 in band 3. The admission criteria are divided into general and special circumstances.

General situation

It is applicable to school of management (except 6 majors), School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of science and technology, School of health and medicine. 75% is required for band 1, 80% for band 2 and 85% for band 3.

Major list:

exceptional case

The following four majors require 80% for band 1, 85% for band 2 and 90% for band 3:

MSc Accounting and Financial Management

MSc Finance

MSc Advanced Financial Analysis

MSc Quantitative Finance

For the following two majors, 75% for band 1, 80% for band 2, and not for band 3:

MSc Business Analytics

MSc Marketing

75 band 3 colleges and universities of the following five majors in the engineering department will be treated as band 2 colleges and universities, and the minimum arithmetic average score is 80%:

MSc Electronic Engineering

MSc Engineering Project Management

MSc by Research Engineering

MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering

MSc Mechanical Engineering with Project Management

Supplementary notes

Applicants are usually required to achieve an undergraduate degree equivalent to 2:1 in the UK

According to different colleges and universities, the requirements of arithmetic average score are also different

We emphasize the stability and balance of students’ overall performance

Some majors will review the results of relevant courses

International academic requirements

Hong Kong, China: four-year undergraduate degree, 2:1 grade or GPA3.0 / 4.3

Taiwan, China: four-year undergraduate degree, with an average score of 75%*

Canada: four year undergraduate degree, GPA3.2 / 4.3 or GPA3.0 / 4.0 or 75% average

USA: four year undergraduate degree, GPA3.2 / 4.0

*For different majors, the requirements for the scores of graduating colleges are also different