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American study visa skills

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How to reduce the risk of rejection of U.S. study visa? The tips for American students here are: take the real purpose of travel as the premise, be honest, clearly plan your trip to the United States, clearly explain your situation, and bring good materials during the interview. Let’s take a look with the Xiaobian of cloud education group!

1、 On the premise of real travel purpose

It is recommended that applicants studying in the United States apply for a U.S. visa for real purposes.

2、 Be honest

The most important thing for applicants applying for us visa is to tell the truth! Compared with other aspects, U.S. visa officers pay more attention to the integrity of the applicant. Not telling the truth will weaken your chances of obtaining a visa. There is even a risk of being refused.

3、 Clear travel plans to the United States

We should have a clear travel plan to the United States and be able to explain the plan clearly and comprehensively.

4、 Explain your situation clearly

U.S. student visa applicants should prepare and sort out documents that they think can help them clearly explain their situation.

5、 Bring information with you during the interview

Providing false materials or making distorted statements at the interview window of the U.S. Embassy will only make you more unreliable, and the U.S. visa officer will find out the truth sooner or later.

6、 Attention shall be paid when signing face-to-face

When the applicant goes to the U. S. embassy for an interview: directly answer the questions asked by the consular officer! This sounds easy, but when the U.S. visa officer keeps asking questions, the applicant’s answer to the U.S. visa officer should be the real answer, not a lie practiced in advance.

Finally, please relax as much as possible at the interview window. U.S. visa officers are trained professionals who can analyze the situation of each applicant according to the requirements of U.S. immigration law. Therefore, please regard the interview as a frank exchange, which will help U.S. visa officers make the most fair and appropriate decisions.

7、 After the U.S. student visa is refused

If the applicant is refused, please don’t argue too much with the consular officer. If the consular officer rejects your application, although they can’t give you a detailed explanation, the decision made by the U.S. visa officer under the U.S. immigration law is well justified.

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