Let children drink yoghurt scientifically and healthily

Let the child drink yoghurt scientifically and healthily

The health benefits of yogurt need not be described, but how to choose a good yogurt for children, but parents are very headache.

There are so many kinds of yogurt on the market that people are dazzled and confused.But as long as there is “flavor,” parents should beware of “fake yogurt.”

Yogurt is milk through lactobacillus fermentation, belongs to the fermented milk, when buying yogurt, should pay attention to whether there is labeled “fermented milk”.

The professional term corresponding to common yogurt is these three words — “fermented milk”, refers to the pure bovine (sheep) milk after adding lactic acid bacteria fermentation products, without adding any spices, thickening agent and other additives.

And flavor fermented milk, can be understood as “yogurt +N”, mostly in the yogurt to add more additives.Among them, the most added is sugar!

Let children drink yoghurt scientifically and healthily

For this reason, the flavor of flavored fermented milk will be more abundant, but the sugar and fat content will also be higher.

If parents want to give their children to drink healthy yogurt, they should try to avoid the word “flavor” and identify the word “fermented milk”, and then focus on a number, whether the protein content ≥2.9g/100g, the greater the value, the more protein content, the richer the nutrition.

Selection criteria of true and false yogurt

So how can parents choose the right yogurt for their children?

Harvard Medical School has an answer:

  1. Must contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, otherwise it cannot be called yogurt (FDA standard) “Lactobacillus bulgaricus” can ferment sugar for energy and produce large amounts of lactic acid;

Streptococcus thermophilus produces the enzyme lactase, which helps lactose intolerant people digest lactose.

Only yogurt containing these two kinds of bacteria can be called yogurt, parents must pay attention to whether there are these two kinds of bacteria when buying.

  1. Sugar: 0 added sugar (such as sucrose), that is, pure yogurt. The carbohydrates in pure yogurt are mainly lactose and galactose, usually 4.7g/100g.

The average yogurt on the market contains about 10 grams of sugar out of 100 grams.The WORLD Health Organization recommends a maximum of 25 grams of added sugar a day. Too much sugar can be harmful.

A 100g yoghurt contains half the recommended amount of sugar, making it the equivalent of drinking coke.

Protein: In general, the higher the protein, the better

Plain yogurt usually has 3.5 grams of protein per 100 grams.When choosing yogurt, parents should pay attention to the protein content in the ingredient list and choose yogurt with protein content ≥2.9g/100g.

The more protein there is, the richer the nutrition will be.

  1. Additives: The less additional additives, the better

Some brands of yogurt will add a small amount of fruit to improve the taste, such as blueberry, yellow peach, oatmeal and so on.In fact, it is not impossible, you can choose according to the needs.

In general, when buying yogurt, parents should keep in mind: zero sugar + high protein + no added.

5 questions about yogurt

  1. Who is suitable for yogurt?

China’s Dietary Guidelines for Residents (2016) recommend that children over one year of age eat yogurt.Experts, lactose intolerance, milk allergy to the population, you can drink more yogurt;


Young children, the elderly, patients or gastrointestinal function is weak for the population, often drink yogurt is also a good choice.


According to nutrition expert Hong Jing ‘an:

“Yogurt is generally a healthy food. After fermentation, fresh milk will have better absorption rate and digestion and absorption, and lactose will be decomposed. After decomposition, it is also a suitable food for lactose intolerant people.”

  1. Intake and timing?

Yogurt is good, but not greedy drink, so a day to drink how much yogurt is good?

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016) released by the Chinese Nutrition Society, the recommended daily intake of milk and dairy products for Chinese is 300 grams, that is, one cup of milk plus a small cup of yogurt, or two or three small cartons of yogurt.

Experts suggest:

“Yogurt can be a great choice between meals, before, after or when you’re clearly hungry.”

Of course, as mentioned earlier, if you are already full, then it is not recommended to eat yogurt after dinner, it is best to eat before the meal.

Can I drink it on an empty stomach?

There are a lot of parents will ask, yogurt can hollow drink?Say “fasting can’t drink yoghurt”, because some people think fasting gastric juice PH value is less than 2, not conducive to the survival of lactic acid bacteria.

Indeed, on an empty stomach, the acidity in the stomach is higher, making it difficult for lactic acid bacteria to survive.However, whether lactic acid bacteria can play a role in this environment is still controversial in academic circles, so it is not necessary to pay attention to the role of bacteria.What’s more, even without the bacteria, yogurt also has a good nutritional advantage.

The proportion of carbohydrate, protein, adipose yoghurt is very reasonable, blunt this, it also can not be regarded as pad belly good choice.

  1. Thicker, more nutritious?

A lot of people feel yoghurt is thicker nutrition is taller, really so?In fact, the consistency of yoghurt has nothing to do with nutrition, but with the way it is made.

The nutrition of coagulated yoghurt with good taste is not better than that of stirred yoghurt. The stirred yoghurt has delicate granules and is easier to digest.

Do you hurt your teeth?

Parents should be aware that there are many acidic substances in yogurt, in the mouth for a long time, may decay children’s teeth, causing dental caries.

So make sure your children gargle after eating yogurt.

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