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Self driven Vanderbilt University

shine trader live reports:

Before sharing how I transfer, I hope to briefly share my views on transfer. My article is more suitable for students who are not ideal in high school and hope to re realize their self-worth through transfer.

Transfer is not only a process that 33% of students will experience, but also a milestone in their growth.

Transfer experience

As a relatively typical case of prodigal son turning back, my high school can be described as miserable. If I only look at my grades, it is reasonable to say that UCSB should not admit me.

I was not fully prepared for standardization. Before I entered UCSB, I had no thoughts on learning and the future.

If your high school is not as ideal as me, I think your growth in the process of transfer will far exceed that of ordinary freshmen.

Having just stepped into a completely independent meiben life, I suddenly lost the hand-in-hand teaching of adults. I found that I was excited about this “self survival” life and had a sense of responsibility for my future for the first time.

Those students who, like me, have always lacked the function of complete freedom in the formula of life, believe that freshman year will be the biggest step in your history and your proudest step.

You will find that the distance between B and a is just 30 minutes a day and one hour a week to consciously run to the professor in the library. The results are for people to take, not to be ashamed.

I try to minimize the sharing of transfer data and processes. I believe Mr. Cha has explained this aspect thoroughly. If you are interested, you can listen to the teacher’s lecture.

Gpa3.9 + is the basic requirement for transfer, but the difficulty of the course is also essential. I believe everyone wants to transfer to a better school in their heart, so they must prove themselves academically and can be fully integrated with a better learning environment.

If someone sneaks into Harvard, but can’t even understand the class, or can’t integrate into this circle, the success of transfer is just a topic for others after dinner, which is not helpful to their personal ability.

Although the truth is not to enter a college with the purpose of transfer, the sooner you transfer, the better, because this is an unconventional process, which is equivalent to applying again.

For example, as a freshman, I have completed two ucupperdivision statistics courses. It is very clear that I should complete the courses with high gold content under the condition of ensuring high GPA. As a normal student, I don’t have to finish my freshman life in such a hurry.

After the individual’s internal goals are determined, we should also consider the matching degree between the school and ourselves. Although Berkeley is an important town of science, his competition and pressure are not available in many higher ranking schools, and everyone’s resources are more put together. On the contrary, schools may have more individual average resources, and they are not as competitive as Berkeley.

Of course, many students find that they gradually like this university in the process of freshman transfer, so they may stay in this school.

After the goal is clear, we should start to prepare for the curriculum plan and activities, and maintain the intensity of high school to increase our chances of success.