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Difficulty of undergraduate application in Metropolitan State University

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Metropolitan State University is a National Academic Excellence Center certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. National Security Agency. It is the fastest growing university in Minnesota, growing at an average rate of 8% a year. It is expected that the number of students in the school will exceed 20000 in 2020, and it will become the second largest university in Minnesota after the University of Minnesota (twin cities).

The College of Arts and Sciences of Metropolitan State University has the largest communication technology research project of Bachelor of science and master of Science in the United States. The accounting major of the school of management of Metropolitan State University is one of the best accounting majors in Minnesota. The passing rate of accounting students applying for CPA is the highest in Minnesota.

Difficulty of undergraduate application in Metropolitan State University

Traditional TOEFL: 500

TOEFL computer test: 173

TOEFL IBT): 61 points


Admission rate: 37%

Application materials of Metropolitan State University

1. School transcript in Chinese and English (original).

2. Proof of reading in Chinese and English (if reading) (original).

3. Diploma / degree certificate in Chinese and English (original).

4. Chinese and English ranking Certificate (original) (optional).

5. Standardized test transcript.

6. Resume.

7. Personal statement / essay.

8. Letter of recommendation.

9. Passport personal information page.

10. Certificate of deposit.

11. Copies of professional qualification certificate, award certificate, honor certificate, etc. (optional).