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Why do bond students stand out

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There are two kinds of universities in the world, the ordinary one and the special one! As it happens, bond university belongs to the latter!

Why is bond university so outstanding? Why do students from bond stand out? The answer is coming!

As the first private non-profit University in Australia, bond university has always adhered to the tradition of the best educational institution in the world and provided students with the highest international standard teaching experience. 100% of the income of the university will be reinvested in the improvement of campus infrastructure and the employment of world-class teachers, so as to ensure that students can enjoy the most cutting-edge teaching facilities and learning resources, and enjoy personalized education in small classes.

Bond University has ranked first in Australia in terms of student education experience for 16 consecutive years, and has been rated as a five-star University by QS star ranking and Australian excellent university guide for many times.

In addition, bond graduates are also among the best in the employer’s satisfaction with graduates survey. A number of data show that employers are more satisfied with bond university graduates than graduates from other universities in Australia.

The reason why bond students can stand out in many industries is not only inseparable from their own efforts and diligence, but also inseparable from bond’s educational philosophy of “standing out and being outstanding”.

Bond makes you stand out from the crowd!

The goal of bond university is not only to help students complete their studies, but also to make students break through themselves and realize their personal ideals and career aspirations. In bond’s campus, you will not be lost among the numerous students. The unique teaching mode designed by bond university will strive to create the best learning experience and learning effect for students, train graduates to become more competitive workplace talents and stand out in various industries:

High quality teaching environment

As a leading private university in Australia, bond university’s reputation enables it to attract world-renowned scholars, well-known industry figures and internationally recognized researchers to join the teaching team. Bond’s academic workers not only teach and educate people, but also teach students the most advanced practical experience, the latest workplace knowledge and provide industry contacts.

In addition, bond university has a special support team for international students to provide guidance and consultation, as well as English language courses and tutor counseling projects to provide comprehensive support for all aspects of students’ learning and life and help students successfully complete their studies.

Small class, personalized education

Bond University advocates small class teaching and is committed to creating small class teaching with no more than 25 students. In bond, you will not be buried in the crowd, your academic progress will be seen by the teacher, the teacher will remember the name of each student, the tutor will invest time in you, provide you with the best academic guidance, and your learning will receive due attention.

Small classes at bond university not only increase the opportunities for one-on-one communication between students and lecturers. At the same time, according to students’ different grades and characteristics, provide students with the most practical and targeted support and help. Make students get full care in class, feel their importance, and arouse their interest in learning.

The teacher-student ratio is 1:10, the lowest in Australia

The teacher-student ratio refers to the number of students corresponding to each teacher in a school. This ratio not only refers to the class size, but also reflects the workload of teachers and the services and concerns they can provide for students.

In bond, the teacher-student ratio is 1:10, the best in Australia. This means that teachers know not only students’ names and faces, but also their goals, strengths and academic challenges. Students will receive more attention from teachers, tailored academic support and high-quality educational guidance.

Flexible enrollment and faster graduation

Different from the usual two semesters a year, the teaching calendar of bond university is divided into three semesters every year, which are enrolled in January, may and September respectively. The standard length of each semester is 14 weeks. The holidays between semesters are short, so students can complete the course in a shorter time. Compared with other universities, bond university can graduate in only two years. The master’s degree can be completed in one year as soon as possible, and the master’s degree can be completed in two years and eight months as soon as possible. This can not only save the living expenses during study, but also start work early. Students can invest in the society faster and realize their personal value.

In addition, the three semester system every year can also keep students in a good learning state, and will not disturb the learning rhythm due to too long holidays. Because the summer vacation in Australia is very long, if the two semester system is adopted every year, many students need a period of time to adjust their learning status after the long vacation. In contrast, the three semester system will often have a better learning effect.

Bond makes you stand out in the workplace!

If the unique and high-quality teaching model is the key to make bond students stand out, the high-quality student support service provided by bond university is the reason why graduates are widely favored by employers in various industries.

Bond core curriculum

From the first day students enter the bond campus, the bond core curriculum will run through the undergraduate courses. Each undergraduate will participate in three bond core courses and career development and community participation projects – beyond bond.

These three core courses include:

Critical thinking and communication

Collaboration, team and leadership

Ethical thought and action

These courses can cultivate students’ critical thinking, communication skills, global awareness, leadership and teamwork skills, and lay a foundation for students’ future career development.

Prepare students for entering the workplace

As the saying goes, practice produces true knowledge. Textbooks can’t teach you all aspects of life. This is why bond university requires students to spend a large part of their time applying theory to practice and accumulating life and work experience. In bond, students can enjoy a variety of learning, employment and entrepreneurship assistance projects:

Beyond bond, as a compulsory part of all undergraduate degrees of Bond University, it provides students with various internships, voluntary service projects, opportunities to participate in global competitions and a wide range of extracurricular professional activities from the first semester of admission, so as to ensure that each undergraduate can exercise their key employability and interpersonal skills.

“Transformers” project, which is a free extracurricular project, students can choose by themselves or join other existing projects for interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation. The students participating in the project cooperate in teams to share their different knowledge, views and ideas. They can also accept the guidance of industry experts, tutors and academic coaches, participate in seminars, and use the cooperative office space with advanced facilities, which is open 24 hours a day.

Bond University Career Development Center (CDC) can enjoy this service from the first day of admission. Here, employment service experts will help each student arrange relevant internships, employer assessment contacts, industry internships and project participation. At the same time, students can also listen to free lectures and receive one-on-one career guidance.

In the changeable current era, bond provides students with high-quality education, so that students can be invincible in the fierce competition. Bond University’s personalized teaching mode, small class elite education, the lowest proportion of teachers and students in Australia and the flexible short school system have made it ranked first in Australia in terms of students’ school experience for more than a decade. Bond has extensive and rich student practice projects and support services, so that bond students can adapt to the future working environment as soon as possible and stand out in the fierce competition.

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