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Release of QS employability university ranking in 2022

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For foreign students, the future employment prospect is a key factor that must be considered when choosing a school. If you are worried about your future career prospects and want to know which universities can help you reach the peak of your life after graduation, QS’s employability ranking is very worthy of reference.

Qs2022’s employability ranking refers to the data of 550 universities around the world, which is the largest ranking of graduates’ employability in QS history.

Throughout this ranking, MIT, Stanford and UCLA in the United States are firmly in the top three. Tsinghua University in China leads Asia, ranking 6th, and the University of Hong Kong ranks 10th. The performance of British universities is also commendable, with Oxford, Cambridge and UCL ranking 7th, 11th and 20th respectively.

QS Graduate Employability ranking reference index

QS employment competitiveness list refers to 5 indicators:

Employer reputation (30%)

Employer reputation dominates the employability ranking. The employer reputation index is based on more than 75000 responses from the QS employer survey, which requires employers to determine which institutions can provide the most capable, innovative and efficient graduates.

Alumni achievement (25%)

QS analyzed more than 40000 of the world’s most innovative, creative, entrepreneurial or philanthropic people to determine which universities are training graduates to change the world.

Employer Cooperation (25%)

This indicator surveys the partnerships between universities and global companies.

Employer student relationship (10%)

This indicator measures the number of college campus recruits in the past 12 months.

Graduate employment rate (10%)

This indicator measures the proportion of graduates engaged in full-time or part-time work within 12 months after graduation.

So, according to the latest QS list, which university graduates in the UK have unlimited “money”?

2022qs top 10 universities with the strongest employability in the UK

1. Oxford University

Oxford University Graduates ranked seventh in the world in terms of employability, and the employer’s reputation got a full score of 100 points.

As the oldest university in the English speaking world, Oxford has the world’s oldest university museum, the world’s largest university press and the country’s largest academic library system. It has trained many famous alumni, including 28 British prime ministers and many heads of state and government around the world.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: GCSE scores will be considered in Oxford undergraduate admission. Generally, the proportion of a and a * (7, 8, 9) of successful applicants is very high.

2. Cambridge University

Cambridge ranked 11th in the world in terms of employability, and the employer’s reputation also scored 100 points.

Founded in 1209, Cambridge University is the second oldest university in the English speaking world. Its famous alumni include Isaac Newton, Kelvin, Maxwell, Oppenheimer, Hawking, Darwin, Watson, Crick, Keynes, Turing, etc.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: there are no requirements for GCSE in Cambridge undergraduate admission. However, applicants generally achieve high scores in the relevant subjects of the selected courses. Most of them are GCSEs with at least 4 to 5 A’s or a * (7 is equivalent to a, 8 and 9 are equivalent to a *).

3. University College London

UCL ranks 20th in the world in terms of employability, with an employer reputation score of 98.9.

In the latest excellence research framework, University College London has been rated as the best university in the UK. So far, there are 30 Nobel Prize winners among UCL alumni and current and former employees.

Undergraduate application requirements


Ib: not less than 34

GCSE: all majors require GCSE English and mathematics scores of at least 5. Some majors require a grade higher than 5, or GCSE subjects with specified requirements.

4. Imperial College

IC ranks 30th in the world in terms of employability, with an employer reputation score of 99.8.

Imperial technology focuses on science, technology, medicine and business. Its many engineering majors, mathematics, statistics and medicine are among the top 10 majors in the world.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: most GCSE subjects are 9-7, and mathematics and related science subjects are 7

5. University of Manchester

The employability ranking of Manchester University ranks 42nd in the world, surpassing the “goddess school” LSE, and the employer reputation score is 98.

Since the establishment of the University, a total of 25 Nobel laureates have been born. Now, the research of University of man in the field of science and engineering is at the forefront of the world. From 2015 to 2016 alone, University of man attracted more than 342 million pounds of external research funds.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: English and mathematics shall not be lower than C / 4. Individual majors will have additional requirements, such as specific subjects or higher grades.

6. London School of economics and Politics

LSE ranks 48th in the world in terms of employability, with an employer reputation score of 99.2.

As a “seed player” in the field of Social Sciences, LSE enjoys a high reputation and status in Social Sciences, finance, politics and other fields all over the world.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: the scores of most subjects are a / A * (8-9 points), and the scores of English language and mathematics are no less than B / 6.

7. University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh ranks 49th in the world after LSE, with an employer reputation score of 97.3.

The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1583, is the world’s top level in teaching, research and innovation. According to the excellence research framework in 2014, the research strength of the University of Edinburgh ranks fourth in the UK.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: for some popular majors, in addition to A-level scores, admission will also refer to students’ GCSE to obtain several a * or 8 / 9.

8. University of Bristol

Buda and Aida have equal employability, ranking 49th in the world, with an employer reputation score of 84.3.

Founded in 1876, Bristol University integrates academic achievements and innovative thinking. According to the 2019 graduate market report, Bristol University is the second target university for the top 100 employers in the UK.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: some disciplines have GCSE requirements

9. Leeds University

Leeds University ranks 52nd in the world in terms of employability and 79.5 in terms of employer reputation.

Leeds is a world-famous comprehensive research university. Business and media are ace majors. In addition, pharmaceutical and pharmacology, medicine, linguistics, accounting and finance are also advantageous majors of Leeds.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: pass 5 GCSE examinations, of which the English score is a * – C (9-4), and the calculation ability requirements depend on the specific course.

10. University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham ranks 66th in the world in terms of employability and 74.2 in terms of employer reputation.

The University of Nottingham was founded in 1881, formerly known as University College Nottingham, and was granted a royal charter in 1948. Veterinary, architecture, music, civil engineering, pharmacology and so on are the advantageous majors of the University of Nottingham.

Undergraduate application requirements



GCSE: English language and mathematics 4 or above

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