Follow the example of an idol to forge ahead and keep working hard

From this point of view, star worship itself is not a bad thing

After all, an idol is what you want to be.

 Follow the example of an idol to forge ahead and keep working hard

Idolatry is the process of repairing the gap between reality and ideal by virtue of one’s own efforts.

He Ruodong, a teacher from New Oriental GRE and a top student at Oxford, once admitted that he struggled to learn English in secondary school.

But he fell in love with British actress Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films.

In order to get closer to his idol, he began to study English hard, and not only successfully studied in The UK, but also received a double master’s degree in politics and economics from Oxford and London.

In 2011, he finally got his idol’s autograph and became a celebrity fan winner.

Idolatry is not blindly follow, but from the love of idols, find their own motivation to move forward.

When Yuan Longping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, visited Hunan Agricultural University in September last year, the scene immediately turned into a fan meeting.

Some students said that when they saw Academician Yuan Longping, their blood boiled in their hearts and their feelings of worship arose spontaneously.

In this light, starworship itself is not a bad thing.

Want to distinguish clearly, what the child pursues, is appearance level after all?Character?Or is it something good about them?

Or is it just a matter of chasing stars to escape reality?

When starworship brings negative effects, what is wrong is not the “starworship”, but the education of the children.

Not long ago, Li Xueqin shot to fame on the Talk Show Conference.

The girl, who carries the labels “outstanding student at Peking University” and “web celebrity”, said the idol changed her life.

Once, Li Xueqin always repressed her emotions and longed to find the sense of existence from others, but she did not want to be hated by others. Life was always “sad”.

Seemingly open-minded girl, once to rely on drugs to control their own depression, even because of pessimism and cut his wrist.

In 2018, Li xueqin shot a video at random, only to get a reply from her idol, which sent a ripple through her “lazy and lost” heart.

It is the kind reply from her idol that rekindled her passion for life and motivated her to continue her life, which made her the dark horse on today’s talk show.

So, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for kids to chase stars.

An idol with positive energy can become a child’s spiritual pursuit, and can inspire children to strive to pursue, become and even surpass idols.

I hope parents can crouch down and look at their children carefully.

Tell your child that star-chasing is to pursue the light of an idol rather than the person, encourage your child to work hard, grow up with the idol spiritually and forge ahead.

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  1. Idols with positive energy can become children’s spiritual pursuit, allowing them to think freely.Thank you for your sharing.

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