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State high school degree houses at No. 1 Brisbane are selling out

shine trader limited reports:

The degree houses of No. 1 state middle school in Brisbane have been sold out, and the local study abroad industry in Brisbane has been booming, and the real estate market has been promoted by home buyers. The corresponding educational resources of products have become the core competitiveness of major real estate projects in Brisbane. Among many projects, Brisbane 1, a good house in Australia, is the most outstanding.

▲ real view of Brisbane 1

Owners or tenants who pay attention to educational resources often pay attention to the surrounding educational facilities when choosing a house. The highlight of Brisbane 1 is that it sits on a 5km full-age education resource circle.

In terms of secondary education, owners living in Brisbane No. 1 can give priority to their children to enter Brisbane state secondary school (the first public school in Queensland and the third mixed public and private school in Queensland).

▲ all age education circle around Brisbane 1

Brisbane state high school

School Profile:

School nature: public middle school, grade 8-12, mixed school

Establishment time: 1921

Location: located in the south of Brisbane, 3km away from Brisbane City Center

Total number of students: 3147

Educational requirements: junior high school students and senior one and senior two students, with excellent results

English Requirements: good English skills

School year tuition: grades 07-10: a $14640 (2020), a $14968 (2021)

Grades 11-12: $16552 (2020), aud 16924 (2021)

Accommodation: homestay, arranged by the school

Guardian: the school shall act as the guardian

Icsea index: community education advantage index 1159 (the average in Australia is 1000)

Extracurricular activities: Music Courses – instrumental music, choir, drama, dance, vocal music and stage drama, etc., participate in GPS and qgsssa sports competitions

It was established in 1921 and is a public mixed school. Its motto is “knowledge is power”, which has a unique innovation tradition; The goal of the school is to develop students’ potential in an intellectual, personal and social way. It is the first choice to cultivate students’ independent thinking and creative thinking.

▲ Brisbane state high school

Brisbane state middle school is located on the South Bank of Brisbane, surrounded by major museums and parks, and close to the city center. Life is very convenient. Starting from Brisbane No. 1, you can walk for 10mins and drive for 1mins.

▲ Brisbane state high school

World class teaching resources

Brisbane state secondary school has high-quality teaching resources, including perfect educational facilities and characteristic courses:

Educational facilities:

Teaching facilities: Business Education Center; Performing arts and Music Center (equipped with unique visual arts equipment); Technology and design center; Indoor sports center; Rowing shed, etc.

Featured courses:

Aerospace Research (direct access to the University of Queensland, Queensland University of technology and Griffith University).

Architectural environment – the school has established a partnership with Thomson adsett to give students the opportunity to participate in the practice and guidance of architectural design.

Japanese, Korean, French and other multi language courses.

In addition, Brisbane state high school has more than 110 cultural groups, where you can get multicultural edification and help children develop in an all-round way.

▲ Brisbane state high school music course

The students from here have made great achievements in Australian mathematics, English and science and technology competitions, and 95% of them can be admitted to high-quality universities. Many graduates have now become leaders in sports, business and many other fields, and have a bright future.

▲ Brisbane state high school physical education curriculum

Cooperation with top 100 universities in the world

Moreover, the University also has an exclusive cooperation plan with the world’s top 100 universities such as the University of Queensland, Queensland University of science and technology and Griffith University. As long as you enter Brisbane state middle school and participate in professional courses cooperated with famous universities, you will have the opportunity to obtain undergraduate credits or scholarships. The ways to enter the world’s top 100 universities are as follows:

Participate in the University of Queensland (UQ) improvement program

Participate in direct admission to Queensland TAFE Brisbane college

Participate in the cooperation program with Griffith University (GU)

Participate in the strengthening course of Political Science & Mathematics in cooperation with UQ

Participated in the Queensland Institute of mines and energy Scholarship (UQ)

When studying in middle school, we can provide students with college admission opportunities and obtain undergraduate credits.

The only high entrance threshold in kunzhou

Such an excellent school must have a high entrance threshold! Indeed, Brisbane state middle school is connected to the world’s top 100 universities, and its education level requirements are relatively high. Moreover, it is the only government middle school in Queensland with selective enrollment. If it is not a local student, it must have expertise in academic or sports before it can be admitted.