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Back to school season freshmen were vaccinated and infected

shine trader limited reports:

Now the major colleges and universities have been open for more than a week. Whether they go to the United States, Britain, Canada or Australia, students are facing the risk of infection hidden in the crisis.

Countless prospective foreign students are facing various problems in the back to school season in 2021, and many of them are struggling with vaccination.

Most foreign students have been vaccinated in China, but facing the vaccination requirements of foreign universities, they will also worry about the unpredictable risks and impact on their health after mixed vaccination with Pfizer, Modena and other foreign vaccines.

However, even if mass vaccination is achieved on the university campus, some students are still infected.

Edward Huang, a Chinese freshman at the University of Southern California, suspected that his first symptom of infection with the new crown was “losing his sense of smell”. He could not smell any fragrance when he placed his toiletries, but his father, who helped him move his bedroom, could smell it.

Although Edward had received two doses of vaccine, he began to be vigilant. The results were positive.

Edward said USC requires students to provide PCR results within three days of arriving in Los Angeles (i.e. before August 22), but students are not required to enter campus facilities.

Although some netizens have said that this is not news. There is no vaccine to ensure 100%, personal epidemic prevention awareness still needs to be improved.

No one blames school management for the comments on the Internet, because schools all over the United States do not have very strict and clear measures to exclude positive students.

California has been more stringent than other states. The governor stipulates that all school staff must be vaccinated or screened for negative results once a week.

However, students who have vaccinated on campus are infected with this kind of infection. So many subsequent vaccines will not be reported to schools when they make complaints about the slight symptoms of infection. It is more likely that some students will have extreme thoughts and refuse to take the vaccine.

Because the symptoms of the disease will be reduced after vaccination, it will not be noticed if you are not careful, which is why you still have to wear a mask after vaccination.

There are still many opinions on whether there will be a problem if foreign students need to mix another injection of foreign vaccine when they go abroad.

At present, there is not enough research data to support it, but soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of the World Health Organization (who), suggested on July 12 that people should not mix new crown vaccines of different brands.

Now the international community is very concerned about the mixed covid-19 vaccine, which can not only reduce the impact caused by the shortage of vaccine supply, but also reduce the risk for international students.

Who experts suggest not to mix vaccines, hoping not to mix vaccines without more data support to reduce unexpected risks.

At present, this study is observing the mixed adverse reactions and immune reactions of AZ, BNT and Moderna with a small number of subjects (at present, only these three vaccines are under preliminary study).

The risks of mixed vaccination, such as low fever, headache and muscle pain, increased significantly, but it was consistent with the adverse reactions of previous single vaccination, and there were no unexpected adverse reactions.

At present, these mixed vaccine studies only show that the antibody value is improved after the first injection of AZ and the second injection of mRNA vaccine. But whether it is suitable for the majority of the people still needs to be tested on a larger scale. The mixing of other models also needs further research.

After the outbreak of covid-19, the life of students from abroad has become more difficult.

Faced with the risk of being infected all the time, but still can’t fall behind in school and “risk death” to go to school. Many freshmen who have just entered college are even ready not to come back for three years when they say goodbye to their family and friends and leave the motherland. They have been abroad until they graduate from university.

Whether there is no data to support the risk of mixed vaccination, or in the face of the University’s attitude of asking you whether you live or die, it’s hard for everyone to come to this step. When you look back one day, you will find that you were so brave.