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How do you know if you’re a good fit for an industry?

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Many people in the workplace because of the lack of a clear career planning, not sure which is suitable for industry, then found himself is not suitable for immediately after induction job-hopping, this seemingly simple and crude way of trial and error, on the one hand, is not conducive to their own accumulation of industry experience and relevant connections, on the other hand, frequent job-hopping phenomenon after the interview of HR would feel their job stability is bad, It is not conducive to the future career development. So, for the new job, how to determine whether they are suitable for a certain industry before entering the job? Today I’m going to share some judgment techniques with you.

Judge your professional values
People evaluate jobs differently. Some value the salary, some value the sense of accomplishment, and some value the opportunity to grow. These different standards are collectively known as “professional values”.

In order to judge whether this industry is suitable for us, we first need to know what we want. At this time, we need to sort out our professional values, clarify which needs are the most important to you and which are not so important, and then sort out our core professional values. These professional values determine the direction in which we choose our industry.

Judge the employment direction of the industry
For new employees, whether the employment direction of the industry is more or less, wider or narrower, will largely affect whether we can stay in this industry for a long time, or whether we will be limited when we change careers.

Take the health and medical industry for example, there is a threshold to enter the industry, most of the positions require the corresponding professional, not want to enter the industry, at the same time, once you have the opportunity to enter this industry, when you want to change careers, you will find that the choice is very limited. Therefore, for similar employment narrow, vertical industry, in the choice of employment, it is necessary to consider their own clear, not suitable for easy “trial and error”.

Judge the trend of industry development
In fact, for many fresh graduates, everyone’s plasticity and learning ability is very strong, is able to quickly adapt to many industry development rules and related requirements, as long as the industry choice is appropriate, we can develop for a long time.

shine traders limited - live
shine traders limited – live

At this time, we need to understand a question: your chosen industry is going up the trend? Or is it going downhill? The former is in the early stage of development and has a long career cycle, which is conducive to the accumulation of work experience, mastery of work skills and development of contacts. The latter is in the sunset stage of development, and the overall space for improvement and industry dividends are constantly declining, which is not conducive to the long-term development of every workplace employee. Therefore, it is recommended that you must judge the industry type of the company in the face before entering the company, and it is always better to choose the company in the chaoyang industry.

To sum up, if you are not sure whether you are suitable for a certain industry, you are advised to conduct a comprehensive evaluation from personal career values, company culture, industry development trend and other aspects, so as to select the industry and company that you are satisfied with and can develop in the long term, and successfully start your career.